Monday, June 14, 2010

Oil Spill Scams. Dodge 3500 & Camper.

Scam Artists Prey on Gulf Oil Spill Victims

Friday, 11 Jun 2010 10:21 AM       By: Bruce Mandelblit
"The Gulf of Mexico’s deadly and catastrophic oil spill continues to be the worst ecological disaster in U.S. history.
Given these dire circumstances, it would be hard to believe that anyone would be so heartless as to take improper advantage of these awful conditions for their own personal financial gain.
Within days of the horrific Gulf oil spill, media reports indicate that lowlife scammers and wicked cyber-thugs were already trying to scam the charitable donations of hard-working Americans — and therefore preventing this essential money from reaching victims of the disastrous oil spill.
Sadly, it is reported by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that it is common for criminals to steal funds from generous folks who think they are donating to legit charities that are trying to assist the hard-hit victims of disasters, such as the Gulf oil spill. As such, the FTC warns consumers to use caution when donating to charities that claim to help victims of the devastating catastrophes.
According to the FTC, while many legitimate groups help victims, scam artists may take advantage of the disaster by creating bogus fundraising operations.
The FTC warns consumers to be wary of appeals that tug at the heart strings but are short on details about how disaster victims will benefit. The FTC advises consumers who are asked to contribute to a charity of the following:"
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My brother, Nigel, sister-in-law, Pamala and I spent a quiet day here yesterday.  I gave them lots of links to campgrounds, COE, and Forestry places to stay.  One was even recommended by Howard of  in Ponca City, OK, where they will be going. 
We talked about old and new times.  About our mother and brother, who died last year, and the hassles over their wills. (Doesn't that always bring out the worst in people?)   It is wonderful to be spending some time with them, after all these years.

We did venture out in the heat, to Conroe's Wal-Mart.   They needed to buy some plastic chest of drawers, and bins for the back seat of the truck, so they can organize their clothes, etc in them.  They will be picking up their cabover camper 100 miles north of Oklahoma City, on their way west on Route 66, and then on to Alaska.

We made a good old English dish, Shepherd's Pie, with some Nolan Ryan organic ground chuck that I had.  Early in the afternoon, I browned the meat, added two cups of beef bouillon, and then simmered it for a while.  I strained off the meat, and put the liquid in the freezer.  When it came time to put it all together, there was 3/4" of fat on top of the liquid to be thrown away.  So glad I did that.

This morning we are waiting for a phone call from the dealer who is prepping their truck, with bated breath.  They had to order a part, and we hope it comes in, and gets installed quickly, as my van is not happy traveling in this heat in Houston traffic.   If it is too late, we will have to go tomorrow. 
Then they will head back down south of Houston to my daughter's house to pack up their belongings, and get on the road.

Little Paco, Chihuahua, and Misty, the old Poodle, are really happy, and they are both so good.  Prime enjoyed being in the living room, and playing so gently with Pamala's feet.

Our main objective is to get insurance on the truck, and to pick it up today.

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