Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday. Misty!

 Lovely Bears with their babies:



I got a call from the daughter-in-law of my good friend, Jim, who passed 14 Dec. 2007.  He worked in a flea market between Conroe and Cleveland, TX, so he lived in a big travel trailer there for many years.  I used to groom his lovely old, well behaved black Miniature Poodle, "Misty", regularly.

Finally, he bought a lot, and a newer travel trailer here in my subdivision.  He was always willing to help this computer illiterate old lady, and I would pay him by grooming Misty free.
He went into the hospital for some surgery, and came out with a staph infection, from which he died. 
They say the good die young, well, he was such a wonderful person, and so God needed him, then.  But that isn't much consolation for those who loved him, here on Earth.
I was supposed to have taken care of Misty while he was in the hospital, but she wound up at his son and daughter-in-law's place in Houston.  She had always been his adored house pet, but they stuck her in their yard.

They said they would bring her back to me for grooming, but never did. They let her get so bad that after a while it cost them a fortune to get her clipped down, in Houston.  But at least they did get her groomed one time, in 3 years!!  (Poodles don't shed, so they need to be groomed at least every two months.)
Of course, I was horrified, and I have been trying to get Misty back from them for 3 years.  She would not be a foster dog, she would be for me.

Misty is finally on her way to me, right now.  They are broke.   So I agreed to buy a cargo trailer of Jim's that is up here, to get them to come, and bring Misty.  Little do they know, that I would have paid that, just to get Misty.  When Misty heard my voice on the phone, she got so excited, and so am I.
It was in Jim's will, that when she died, she was to be cremated, so that Jim and Misty could be together again, and I will honor that.

She just got here, and she is a mess!  Her little face is all matted, and even though she is nearly blind, she couldn't see where she was going anyway.  She ate well, and I will be grooming her well into the night.

So I get a cargo trailer, and Misty all in one day.


Sandra said...

I'm so glad to hear that Misty is coming to live with you and she will have someone to love her and look after her.

Aren't those polar bear babies beautiful. They're so white!

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Oh that is sooooooo wonderful of you to give Misty a forever home. It brings tears to my eyes to read about her troubles... and now she will not be lacking in proper care or love for the rest of her life!

Karen and Steve
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