Friday, January 1, 2010

Yard Sale and New Year Day Dinner. Fussin’ w. Computers.

I got everything uncovered for the yard sale this morning, and thought maybe I could have my laptop in the living room working off the Wi-Fi.  That way I could keep an eye on the yard sale.

The router is in the room next to it.   I messed with it for ages, and couldn’t get it to connect.  I called AOL, who directed me to my cable company, who kept me on hold for over 45 minutes.  Of course, as soon as a real person came on the line, yard sale customers started showing up again.   The tech had me do a bunch of ‘ipconfig’ things on Command Prompts, but never got the Wi-Fi to work.

The yard sale wasn’t as busy as it has been other years, at a different time of year though, but some more stuff was sold.  Tomorrow is another day of it.

After I had closed up the yard sale, I went down to Claudia’s for cabbage, black eyes peas, spiced apples, brown sugared carrots, mashed potatoes, and really good pork tenderloin.

When I got home, I was reading my mail, and got a virus which Microsoft Security Essentials eliminated, but I must have clicked on something that I didn’t outta, and had to call AOL again for them to help me get connected again.

The tortoise, we have found out by posting his mug shots on the tortoise forums, is not a Russian.  He is a Gopherus berlandieri, and comes from deep south TX.   What he was doing around here is a mystery.  I bet he could tell some tales.  He is very unhappy in the bathtub that we have rigged up for him, trying to dig out.  Just as soon as we have some better weather, I am going to put him back in Jay’s fenced yard, and take him good food down there every few days.  I know he will be a lot happier. Later, we found out where he came from, and returned him to his people.

This last decade has been not so good. I have lost my DH, mother, brother, granddaughter, my best doggie friend, (Levi), my lovely white cat, (Honky), and  now little MaeMae.

We have lost a lot of great famous people, and some not so great, too.  But the older you get, the more people you lose. 

But it has been better on the home front, as the decade before, I lost one house to fire, rebuilt, and lost that one to a flood.

Another busy, sunny, but cool day, today.

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