Thursday, December 31, 2009

Yard Sale and “Teacher”

In between getting most of the stuff sorted out and displayed on tables for the yard sale, Jay and I had to make a different place for Teacher to stay.

He was really trying to climb out of that 50 gallon Rubbermaid tub.  The cats tried to play with the sounds he made through the plastic, they were so funny!   He had been so used to wandering all over Jay’s fence yard,  but he had tried to hibernate in a roll of carpet foam under Jay's house, when it got cold.

So we got the plastic bathtub that came out of the Coronado travel trailer, and set him up in that, in the grooming room.  We made a hinged frame to fit around the top, stapled wire to it, so that we could cover it to keep the cats out of there.  Then we screwed an upright on the frame to clamp the heat lamp and thermometer.  So now he has a regular size bath tub, with the sand and coir to play in. 
He soon got bored with going around and around in there, so I gave him a box, open on each end, so he spends his time going in and out of it.  He is quite a character.  This summer when Jay would let him run loose on his mother's fenced deck, when Teacher heard me coming, he would waddle as fast he could, come up to me, and put his head up, asking for treats.

It was lovely weather today, and I was taking off layers of clothing as it got warmer.  I know my legs are tired from all the sorting onto different tables.  By 4.30 I had had enough so Ray helped me cover up all the outside tables, as it was going to get dark.

Even though it is New Years Eve, I still had yard sale customers, and got rid of some stuff today.

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Gypsy said...

Happy new year to you Penny, and all your friends and animals.