Saturday, January 2, 2010

Yard Sale Over. Bubble & Squeak.

My bones are tired. Jay helped me put some stuff in boxes, so we could fold up all six little card tables.   Then we just carried all the big long tables, that had been in the yard into the RVport, and covered them up.
A quick drive around the roads to pick up the yard sales signs, and I took Jay home.

Now all I want to do is soak in a hot tub, wash my hair, and have something to eat that I don’t even have to chew. 
So I am making Bubble and Squeak with the left over cabbage and mashed potatoes from yesterday. 
Put it in a bowl,  mix it up with an egg or two, add some Allspice, plop very big spoonfuls into a little, not too hot olive oil or healthy marg., and sauté until brown on each side. That, with the left over cooked spiced apples, should do me OK.

It was a lovely sunny, though only 60 deg. day.

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