Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wanna Buy a Bridge? Tires. Allergy.

This one isn't in Brooklyn or San Francisco Bay!   This one is REALLY for sale!

The steel pony truss bridge was built in 1932 and is 27 feet wide. Federal regulations require that bridges must be at least 32 feet wide to handle the traffic load that crosses the span daily. State officials said it would be easier to take the bridge apart and move it than it would be to widen it.  See:|htmlws-main-n|dl7|link4|

Benadryl type medicines seem to take the edge off my allergy, but I over sleep if I take them, so I couldn’t take any last night. It was going to be an early morning rush, as Ray was going to help me get the minivan into M & P Front End shop in Conroe.  We (my late DH and I) have been going to Pete’s for many years.  He has a smart, honest and efficient shop, and they do other auto repairs too. It had been pulling to the right, and the steering wheel center wasn’t straight when I was going down the road.

After we dropped it off, I came home and fed all the animals their breakfasts.  It was such a nice day that I let the two foster cats on the screen porch, as they have been locked up in their big cages since the dogs got here.

Later on, Pete called and said that my front end was fine, it was pulling because one of my tires had a bubble.  Oh, horror!  I had been driving it on the freeway like that!!  We check the tire pressure every month, and we hadn’t seen it, as it was on the inside.  So I spent quite a bit of time calling around comparing quality and prices for a new set of tires.  ( Also asking where they were made, as some were Chinese!)

After the tires were installed, I went to the grocery store.  I am getting a little hungry, even though I have plenty of food here.  I am still scared to eat anything, as I keep on breaking out in hives, or get indigestion.  I am allergic to something,  but I don’t know for sure what it is yet.  Looking at the list of the most common allergens:  didn’t leave much for me to buy.   So all I had for dinner was some almond butter on bread and canned peaches!!  But I did buy some more organic sugar which is made of cane juice, which is what I used to use.  The regular brown sugar has molasses containing sulfites in it:  It might be that, or all the antibiotics they have been giving me for my sinuses. Also, seems to be worse when I eat beef from certain stores.  Maybe all the sh** they feed the cattle, nowadays.

Little Puddin’, the Yorkie, keeps on scratching at the back of my legs, and I come up with nasty, itchy welts, like I have been flogged.  It itches a lot, and then goes away after about an hour.  I wish she wouldn’t do that.

The antihistamines I took are making me drowsy, so that’s it for today.


Sandra said...

Penny, try looking at what foods you should eat for your blood type. You can check it on the internet. It might work and then again....

The lady in the health food store the other day said to take your pulse at rest as soon as you awaken. Then when you eat a food that you think you might be sensitive to check your pulse again (at rest) and if it's gone up 15 points or more, it's a sensitivity.

Good luck!

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Thank you for the info, Sandra. First, I have to find out what my blood type is! I know I am RH Neg., but I don't remember the rest. I have to sign a release to get that from my new or old doctor. More red tape!

The pulse thing seems easy to do, and it might tell me something. Thanks, Penny.