Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Put me on your DO NOT CALL list". Dog on Ice Floe.

To Get Telemarketers To Stop, You Must Specifically Say "Put Me On Your Do Not Call List"
Before they call...
“NEVER give out your phone number! Common traps for acquiring your phone number are: contest forms; credit card applications; when you return merchandise to a store.
If they simply MUST have your phone number and will die without it, give them your cell phone number (if you've got one), and clearly write (or tell them to write) "Cell Phone" next to the number.
(When telemarketers call a cell phone number, it's an instant violation worth $500.) If you don't have a cell phone, give them the number of a local telemarketer. (You can get this from your local yellow pages.)”
It doesn’t take long to put phone numbers on the “Do Not Call List”, here:

“Think twice before entering sweepstakes and drawings. The main purpose of many contests is to compile mailing lists. If you enter one contest, you are likely to receive mailings from other contests. Avoid entering sweepstakes unless you can "opt-out" of being put on a mailing list (read the contest rules).

Don't fill out warranty or product registration cards. Most cards are used to compile information on consumers that is sold to companies for marketing purposes. Most times your receipt will ensure that you are covered by the product warranty if the item turns out to be defective. If you decide to send in the card, don't fill out the "lifestyle" information, such as your income or hobbies.

Send it back. Junk mail that arrives in envelopes stamped "Address Correction Requested" or "Return Postage Guaranteed" can be returned unopened by writing "Refused–Return to Sender" on the envelope. This may encourage the company that mailed it to you to remove you from its mailing list.”  From:

Once you have removed your name and address, as per yesterday’s journal, please recycle the paper and save a tree.
By Melissa Breyer, Senior Producer, Care2 Green Living.
“In a single year Americans receive 19 billion catalogs in the mail. That boils down to 3.6 million tons of paper at the cost of 53 million trees. Ouch. And that’s not to mention all the rest of the junky junk mail that seems to flood our mailboxes like a swarm of locusts. We’ve collected the information here that you need to tame the catalog beast and stop junk mail in its tracks.” 
Remedies for junk mail here:

Video of one very fortunate dog stranded miles out to sea on an ice floe:
Still a mystery how he got there, but he had been seen from the shore, and floated away before he could be rescued by the locals.  Thank goodness the boat saw him.

Rone` worked today, and got the fence boards sanded, (to get green junk of them), primed, and one coat of paint today.

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