Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Get to know your wild neighbors.

It is another stay-at-home-and-keep-warm day.  Our weather forecast is horrible:
Rain ShowersWednesday. Showers
49° F | 37° F
Ice PelletsThursday,  Ice Pellets!!
39° F | 20° F
Partly CloudyFriday - Do you see that? 18 deg.
32° F | 18° F
38° F | 20° F
Partly CloudySunday
47° F | 29° F
Chance of RainMonday. Rain
50° F | 38° F
I don’t like it when we can’t work on something outside.

But here is something to study:

A Closer Look at Wildlife

“Get to know your wild neighbors, from the squirrel that raids your birdfeeder to the coyote that howls in the distance. Learning about these creatures and their habits can make peaceful coexistence easier. And in some cases, such as with the misunderstood rattlesnake, a greater understanding could even transform fear into interest. “
An interesting list of critters and birds that might be living in your backyard.

“What does winter offer? Surprisingly, a lot! Winter is a perfect example of the adage “less is more.”
Leaves have fallen and there’s less ground vegetation. That means more chances to see wildlife. Birds once hidden in leafy treetops are silhouetted on bare branches. Rabbits make longer dashes between places of safe cover. And, as natural food and water become scarce, more birds visit feeders and baths.”        From:

I know my cats like to be on the porch to watch the birds at the feeders and bird bath.

Give Them a Brake.
“If you see a turtle or tortoise crossing a road, gently pick him up and carry him across in the direction he was headed. (Be watchful for cars in the process.)*** If the turtle is a large one, or a snapping turtle, use a stick to nudge him gently across the road without getting too close.”

From me:  ***Actually it is better to prod it with a stick anyway, because if you pick it up it might pee, so lose precious bodily fluids, and could die.

Is the Animal Really an Orphan?
”Many young animals may appear to be orphaned, but actually may be doing just fine on their own. Determining whether or not an animal is an orphan depends on the animal's age and species, and how you may perceive their natural behaviors. Here’s more information on the young of species you may encounter, to help you decide whether or not they need to be rescued.”    More:
If it wasn’t so cold, I would be down at the lake looking at wildlife today

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