Sunday, January 3, 2010

Some Good Changes for 2010.

Diners Club International Ends Partnership with Mail-Order Bride Company:
"In a story that we initially couldn't believe was true, about a partnership between the credit card company Diners Club International (owned by Discover) and Vietnam Brides International, which enabled card holders in Asia to buy women on credit. Mail-order brides are particularly vulnerable to human trafficking and exploitation, and's human trafficking community rapidly responded to the story by demanding that Diners Club end their policy of treating women as commodities to be bought and sold. After thousands of letters, hundreds of tweets and only 48 hours, Diners Club responded to the campaign, apologized, and canceled their partnership with Vietnam Brides International."
slaveLabor Department of Labor Releases Confidential Slave Labor Report:
"In 2005, The Department of Labor (DOL) was mandated by Congress to issue a report on the countries and companies using slave and child labor across the world. Yet since that time DOL had made the document confidential and resisted its release, fearing negative reaction from trading partners. After we exposed this resistance on, in partnership with the anti-slavery organization Project, more than 6,000 members called on DOL to end their resistance and comply with Congress's intentions. Within a few weeks of launching this campaign the full confidential list was publicly released, providing a wealth of information that is now being used by NGOs worldwide in the fight against slave labor."
________________ Members Dismantle Food Labeling Ploy
The food industry launched a new nutrition labeling scheme this fall called Smart Choices, hoping to sell more highly processed foods such as Froot Loops by marking them as “healthy” based on their fortified nutrients. This would have been an easily dismissible marketing tactic except that researchers associated with several prominent nonprofits – including the American Diabetes and Dietetic Associations and the Tufts School of Nutrition – were members of the Smart Choices board and giving the program false legitimacy. Thousands responded by calling on these three nonprofits to disassociate themselves from the marketing scheme. Two days later all three organizations responded by publicly denouncing the Smart Choices initiative, dealing a significant blow to the program’s claim to legitimacy. Within a few weeks the deceptive multi-million dollar initiative was suspended, giving the public a rare and important victory over the sort of deceptive food marketing that has contributed to America’s obesity epidemic.

Here are 5 people who are in the proverbial dog house:

About some of the Pit Bulls saved:
“The ‘Vick”-tory dogs are proof that these animals can be rehabilitated. Best Friends, other rescues, and these wonderful dogs across the country are proving this right now. I am very thankful for these people that are working so hard to find these dogs some justice.”
It wasn't their fault.  At least these poor dogs have a second chance, see how they are now:

Here is one of the Vicktory Dogs, Little Red .
"Little Red's face tells a thousand sad stories. She arrived at Best Friends clearly having nursed many puppies. She was covered in facial scars, and had teeth that had been filed down. Her face and her teeth make her look like a "bait" dog -- a dog who is less tough than the others, who is used as a practice target for dogs training to fight."

Here is a video about a Pit Bull service dog, putting away it's toys. opening and closing fridge, and getting her mistress's purse:

It was just too cold and gloomy to do anything outside.  I just couldn’t get warm, even in the house, today.

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