Saturday, January 30, 2010

The “Blocks”, Not Slabs! TX needs Park Hosts.

Most Rvers have heard of The Slabs, near Niland, CA,

But have you heard of “The Blocks”?
“It is just east of Naples Florida at GPS coordinates 25.9931, -81.5025. Fly in through Google Earth and check it out. All paved roads in and out. One of the greatest best kept secrets of Florida. It will not be here much longer as it is being restored to its original condition as part of the Everglades. This was the largest subdivision ever planned in American history and also one of the great Florida "swampland land schemes" of the 50's, 60's and 70's. That is why it is called "The Blocks" for short. Otherwise it is called The Picayune State Forest.”

Total Acreage: 78,615
Counties: Collier

Picayune Strand State Forest

Location | Natural Features | Restoration | Recreation | Contacts
“Picayune Strand State Forest is primarily comprised of two major tracts of land, the South Golden Gate Estates Tract and the Belle Meade Tract. The South Golden Gate Estates Tract comprises the majority of the forest. The land which is currently Picayune Strand State Forest was originally logged for cypress trees in the 1940's and 1950's, and then in the 1960's, a developer purchased over 57,000 acres to create the largest subdivision in America to be called "Golden Gate Estates". A massive system of canals and roads were built and thus began the infamous "swampland in Florida" scam.

State Forest location map.Potential buyers were flown over the area during the dry season then subjected to high pressure salesmen who were selling lots averaging 2.5 acres apiece. Most of the land south of Interstate 75 could never be developed due to the summer flooding, and the development eventually went bankrupt. “
Here is a video:

Making the destruction that man made, all better:
Park hosts needed in Texas State parks
Park Hosts are volunteers who supplement park staff and serve as a representative of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Hosts greet campers and give assistance to park visitors and park staff.
More than fifty State Parks, located throughout the state in a variety of scenic settings, have host positions available. Most parks have opportunities for fishing, hiking, viewing wildlife and other recreational activities.
Hosts are used seasonally in some, and at all times of the year in others. Hosts usually serve a minimum of one month; this may be extended with the approval of the Park Superintendent.

Here are some of the parks needing volunteers, and the job descriptions:

I have been searching on line about the 060-mini-stick (Small) little stick/hand vac, that I bought yesterday.  I had tried it out as a stick vac at the thrift shop, and it picked up all the lint and threads off their dark green carpet.   It seems to be pretty powerful.   It doesn’t hold much, but is easy to empty.
When I tried it out here, the hand-held part easily picked up stray litter crumbs from around the cat’s cages, but converting it back to a stick vac, is a pain.   So I might use it as one or the other.  Or just keep it for the RV.

Another layer of clothes is in order, as it is definitely colder today.

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