Saturday, January 9, 2010

12.7 deg. this morning! Geocaching. Meds & Mac.

 Last night I turned on the halogen lights, for heat in the vinyl wrapped porch, but I expect I have lost all the plants in there. The temperature out there was 20 deg. when I looked at 6.30. AM.  Bobcat’s porch water dish was frozen solid.
All the plants outside in the 100’ long aloe vera trough, will possibly be dead, too, even though they are covered.   I am probably out of the plant business.

I have a heat/UVB lamp coming for the tortoise, as even though he is inside, he needs the UVB.  I hope it gets here soon.  He just stays buried under the Timothy hay.  It is getting more and more difficult to keep the house warm, even though I have double paned windows.   Water is still coming into the house, but I will have to watch the outside faucets when it warms up.  We are just NOT used to this!
Last time it was this cold, was 1976.

It is warming up gradually.


70 days left until Spring 2010 !!! (Mar 20)

When the better weather comes, I would like to try this:
“If you've heard about the high-tech treasure hunt called geocaching but haven't tried it, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has launched a pilot project to show people that they need not abandon computers to have fun outdoors.

Participants in the Texas Geocache Challenge will use hand-held global positioning system computers to find boxes of "treasure" hidden in 12 state parks in the Hill Country and southeastern Central Texas.”

Just in case you any meds to donate:
This is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to making healthcare a universal human right by providing access to quality medications to developing countries. The Health Equity Project accepts some medicinal donations such as antibiotics, anti-malarials, pain-relievers, HIV/AIDS anti-retrovirals, Diflucan and flucanazole.

Mac, The Fire Guy’s Safety Tips need to be reviewed again, in this cold weather.  There have been several deaths by fire, because of this cold weather.

My son in law, is a volunteer firefighter and EMT, as well the local telephone man, so he was up all night either with fires, traffic accidents, or phone cables down. 
So please don’t forget the ‘behind the scenes’ guys working to keep you comfortable in this freezing weather today.

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Mom of Bark+Bite said...

It is suppose to be 19 in Raleigh N.C. tonight. We are COLD. Sorry to hear about your plants.