Monday, January 11, 2010

Oh! What a Night. Molly R.I.P

It started about 5.45 last night when Jay and Tony came to my door with a turtle that Tony had smashed a big hole in it’s shell with a shovel.  He hadn’t meant to do it, he was digging fence posts, he thought it was a rock.

What was so much more upsetting was that Claudia’s daughter had had this turtle, and 15 more, for many years, and given them a lot of love and attention.  She gave Jay, her brother, five of them, he turned around and gave them to Rone`, the gal down the street, and they were hibernating there.  Then Tony makes a great big deep hole in her back.   He knew that they were there, why couldn’t he have been more careful.

As I already belong to  so that I can find out to best take care of Teacher, the tortoise, I immediately put out a cry for advice.  I did everything I could for the little gal, but her wound was so large and deep, that I had to take her to a herpetologist in another town to have her put to sleep, today.  She was suffering so.

I had read on the tort/turt group that the females were better pets than the males, and even just the few hours that I was with little Molly, I could see the difference.  She would look at me, she knew I was trying to help her, and speaking volumes with her little eyes.  When in good shape, I bet she was a character.

I had never thought of tort/turts as pets, I prefer furry critters, and wondered why the folks on the group were so ecstatic about them, but I understand it now.

When he was at Jay’s, Teacher would run up to me this summer, asking for treats,  but never as expressive as Molly was.  But he is in a nothing stage right now, almost into hibernation.  But he sure perked up when he could tell there was a female turtle in the room!!   MEN!!

I would like you to to see the video about Man's Best Friend from CBS:

Not in the mood to quote any quotes, today.

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Gypsy said...

I'm so sorry to hear about poor Molly. I wouldn't ever keep one as a pet either, but they are fascinating creatures to watch.