Sunday, January 24, 2010

FB!! Nat. Parks & Global Warming Again

I received an email that someone wanted me to be their friend on Facebook, and while I was logged in, I saw that ‘chat’ button on the bottom.  I clicked it, just to see what it did, and low and behold my niece, Heidi, in England was on there.  This is the neice that visited me last year with her husband and son.  I figured how to chat with her, and it was smashing!

Then she got my brother on there, so that was extra superb!!  I found out that he and my SIL should be coming to the US for a trip to AK this summer.  They have just ordered a new American fifth wheel, which will have the necessary 220v. for Europe, and it is being shipped over there soon.  They don’t want to take it to AK, but they might bring their new Dodge diesel and truck camper.  They bought a used Dodge gasser and American fifth wheel, see picture, some years ago, right there in England, and now they are getting a new one.  It was great to chat with them.  And I didn’t think FB was ever going to be any use to me!!

Lovely slideshow of the parks here:
The series on our National Parks is being re-aired starting on the 27th. January at 7.00 PM Central.  Here is a list of the episodes, and the dates:

Global Warming??
UN Climate Chief Won't Resign Over Glacier Warning
“The argument over the IPCC's melt date went public last November, when a paper written by Indian geologist Vijay Kumar Raina revealed that there was little consistency in the behavior of the Himalayan glaciers.
Some were shrinking, he found, some expanding, and others were stable. If global warming were to blame, he asked, why weren't they all following the same pattern? "A glacier ... does not necessarily respond to the immediate climatic changes," he wrote. "For if it be so then all glaciers within the same climatic zone should have been advancing or retreating at the same time."


A jolly good day!

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