Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Please Click Each Day. Episode 3 of Nat. Parks.

First thing it was cool, then hot and very humid, then it rained a torrent, and now it has cooled off.

Ray worked on yellowed headlight lenses again, with a couple of products. We are trying out different products on some old Volvo headlight lenses, to find out which ones really work.
Then he cut out a circle of plastic to glue to a broken sunburst shaped clock which goes in the middle of a sunburst mural in the little bathroom. Until tomorrow, it is sitting in a big tuna can and held down with a beanbag, while the glue dries.

Jay wanted to work today, and brought his pet tortoise with him, who likes to wander around my fenced back yard. During the downpour I put it in the big dog house as he didn't like all the heavy rain knocking on his 'roof '.
Jay helped me in the house, moving some furniture, vacuuming under and around it. I had to get behind the couch to hook up a new cordless phone.
Then he tried to fix a place where a winter northeast draft comes in, on the back door going out of the workshop. The door and jam were hung 'out of square' by the contractors, and there doesn't seem to be a way to fix it, without taking the siding off around that door. That would be quite an undertaking. Yesterday, I had bought some solid type weather stripping, but he didn't install it. Well, he did, but not where it needed to be, so took it off again!

"The Empire of Grandeur (1915-1919)" The National Park Service is established in 1916; Stephen Mather campaigns to establish the Grand Canyon in Arizona as a national park. "

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