Monday, September 14, 2009

Fixed Mirage. Be Prepared List

Another humid warm day. I received a reply from Where you can ask questions about just about anything, for free. I had asked in the "Nissan: Ask a Question" part of it, and we followed the steps they recommended. They even told us how to check the blower motor itself, but we didn't have to go that far. We took my electrical bag out there, this is a bag that we grab when doing electrical work, and it goes in the RV when traveling. It is just a man's shaving kit bag, but it holds all we need. Ohmmeter, needle nose pliers, fuses, crimper/stripper/cutter, various connectors, shrink tape, electrical tape, one prong electrical tester, two pronged electrical tester, etc. Ray and I got a trouble light under the dash of the Mirage, and did a thorough search on the fuse panel under the dash. We sprayed all the connections with contact spray, and found one fuse that was bad, it was missed yesterday in the dark. With the ignition on, and fan blower on, once we put a new fuse in there, the fan started blowing. Great, that job done.
While we were out there, Ray cleaned up the front of the Mirage where those darned wood bees had been boring into the RVport rafters again, and dropped their mess on it. I cleaned the windows, in and out, and put some LoShine Armor All on some parts under the dash that had been missed.

By then it was raining again, so we retreated into the workshop to look at the seam sealer we needed to use on the new lino in the guest house. I have a place were my lino got scratched up when something was being moved, and I had bought some seam sealer at a thrift shop a long time ago to fix that, but never had done it. So we practiced with that, not the new batch I just bought at Lowes. Then I taped a plastic lid over the repair with wide blue masking tape, so that I would remember not to step on it. Also to keep the cats from batting the lid around!

We also tried out another product that said it would take the yellow out of headlight lenses. Ray's son had some that Ray had tried, and it worked well, but Ray didn't know the name of it. But this wasn't it. We might just have well have tried " You'll wonder where the yellow went, when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent"!

Yesterday, we remembered Hurricane Ike. But it is still the season for them.
Since then, there have been lots of list put out about preparedness.

"Important information to always keep handy:
Plan ahead and include your pet in your family's preparations.
If you are going to evacuate, take your pet(s) with you.
Some important steps to ensure your pets safety.
Identification: Make sure your pet wears a collar and I.D. tag with up-to-date information.
You may also want to consider microchipping your pet for permanent identification.
Have some pictures of your pet, even in your cell phone, in case you get separated.
Vaccinations: All pets should be current on their shots.
Keep a copy of the vaccination records sealed in a plastic bag.
Sleeping Quarters: Help your animals avoid shattering glass and falling objects.
Don't place your pet's bed below windows or shelving.
A home away from home: Every animal in your house should have a crate - a molded plastic carrying case. Familiarize your pet with the crate before the disaster strikes so that they will be comfortable when it is necessary.
Check your yard: Make sure all fencing is secure and all holes and potential escape routes are blocked.
Plan ahead: Identify animal shelters, local boarding facilities, veterinarians, motels and friends or relatives that may temporarily house your pet after a disaster.
If you evacuate, take your pet! "

Use this checklist as a guide for building your own disaster preparedness kit for your pet.
Molded plastic pet carrier
Copy of your pet's rabies and vaccination records sealed in a plastic bag
Pet first aid book and kit
Two-week supply of pet food
Bottled water
One-month supply of your pet's regular medications
Non-spill food and water bowls
Cat litter
Cat litter pan
Plastic bags (for pet waste disposal)
Sheets (one to cover each pet carrier)
Non-electric can opener
Paper Towels

I wonder where this poor doggie is today?

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Texas Roadrunners said...

That is a great link you share (All Expert). I can't look at the pictures of the dog, they break my heart and send me into tears.

Anyway, I love the blog. Keep it up.