Friday, September 11, 2009

Slippery Roads on this Day Of Remembrance

Ray couldn't work today, so I went into the next town to get a cordless phone. I have 3 that don't work right now, and I am tired of running to another room to answer!

I don't like to drive when it is raining, but this was the day that I had time to do it. I saw a pick up truck sliding around a corner wiggling it's rear end, and an SUV nearly lost control in front of me. I guess people don't realize how slippery the roads are when they are freshly wet. I just took it steady, and tried to stay away from any other vehicles. Of course, with the roads being wet, I couldn't use my cruise control, which put a strain on my bad right leg, so it started to act up after I had done a few 'miles' in WalMart.

I had already stopped at Radio Shack to return a battery that wouldn't charge in my little old black cordless phone. The salesman said that they had sold me the wrong battery, and it was only available on line, so they ordered one. I looked at the cordless phones there, but for my bedroom I need one where the ringer can be turned off, and their cheapie didn't have that capability.

On to WalMart where I wanted to look at Black and Decker jump start/inverters. I have had other brands before but they usually had only a three month warranty, (just about how long the battery is good), whereas the B&D ones have 2 years. The little battery TV that I had bought at Target only runs for an hour on it's rechargeable battery, that's not good in a hurricane situation. So I thought that I would buy an inverter and AGM battery to use in the house, or a jump start/inverter. I didn't buy one, but I did find a cheap cordless phone with the 'ringer off' capability. Boy, this is a throwaway society, a new phone costs less than a new battery for one. That's going to put more junk in the landfills. It was so easy to find my navy blue van with the new white roof in WalMart's parking lot!!

"To The Struggle Against World Terrorism" is a sculpture by Zurab Tsereteli that was given as a gift of the Russian government and placed on the Bayonne peninsula as a memorial to those who died in the September 11th terrorist attacks and the 1993 World Trade Center Bombings.

Now, they have people saying that the whole tragic disaster was a conspiracy, Charlie Sheen being one of them. That's going to hurt his reputation even more.

We must remember the Twin Towers, Shanksville, and the Pentagon, but we must also remember the people that died in the NY Marriott: and other buildings that the Towers fell on.

Johnnie and I were watching the news unfold on TV that morning. He went downhill from then on, and died a few short weeks later.
I will not forget that day.

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