Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Patrick Swayze. "Pretty", the Siamese.

Ray and I went around doing a few more titivating jobs on the Mirage. Some of the nuts on the mirrors had rust on them, so Ray went around with a little artist brush and touched them up with "Hammered" paint. An older couple were coming to see it today, so he had to quit before they got here, so the paint would be dry. The lady was really crippled up, rather portly, and had a walker. She had RVed a lot, but her husband had not. I could tell that the Mirage wasn't for them. I don't know what RV would be suitable.

After they left, Ray and I made some more triangular shipping tubes cut out of cat litter boxes for shipping the aloe. I had sold a big plant, so we had to make a special tube for it. We also cut some more of other sizes so that I will have them.

This is a picture I took of "Pretty" today. She is a sweet cat, and it might take a while to get some weight on her. She had been starved. The other picture reminds me of Pretty, as she often holds her ears like that.

Well, we lost a great man, who happened to be a movie star:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patrick_Swayze He tried to lead a simple life on their ranch with his beloved wife and horses. Patrick was a great animal lover, and made countless donations to animal organizations.

From his obit: "He loved his animals and supported many animal charities. Perhaps we may follow in his kindness and continue to help animals in his honour! We will surely miss this rich hearted man. May his wife find peace and future happiness. R.I.P"

So it was a humid and sad day.

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