Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just Hangin' Around. Cat Walking 15,000 KM.

Ray had a problem with his ignition or something, so he had to get that fixed. That left me 'just hangin' around'. We were supposed to finish lino seam sealing. So I busied myself by getting extra laundry done, like bedspreads, cat beds, etc, and looking up stuff on the internet.

Bobcat has a good appetite, and doesn't seem to be in pain from her terribly arthritic leg, but she threw up blood the other morning. It terrified me, I just knew that she would have to go to Rainbow Bridge, so I didn't want to talk about it then until I saw how she felt. I researched and found out that the new, expensive, medicine that the vet prescribed for her can cause that. Gee, aren't there any prescriptions that don't have side effects. The vet said to take her off it!!

I came across the diary of a French couple who are walking 15000 KM, (9300+ miles) from Miami to Ushuaia, Chile, with a cat. The journal is in French, which I understand mostly, but I ran it through Google Translate to understand it better. Who says cats aren't travelers?

"Kitty, a little kitten found in Louisiana in the middle of the road has not left Laetitia and William. Kitty is now part of the expedition. It is a 4 ½ months. We had it at 1 month and a half old. She could hardly see. She is very intelligent, and never leaves on our backpack and jumps from bag to bag while walking. She never falls and when she feels threatened, she goes back in the bag. She has never left. She often walks beside us or following us and imitates the sound of a crow when she sees one! Kitty has her papers legally no problem later customs (passport, vaccinations, etc..) to bring back to France at the end. This is certainly the first cat in the world to walk 15000 km! ""
Here is a 10 minute video of them and the cat, in French, but you can hear her mimicking the crows in any language, so cute.
Then, after looking in the freezer and some recipes, I decided to have either Salmon Patties or Salmon Bisque today.


Texas Roadrunners said...

I enjoyed the cat story. Thanks for sharing.

Traveller said...

Hey there, please take a sec and sign my petition, which is linked on my blog, asking the Canadian government to include animal rights in the constitution. And ask others to sign too:)