Sunday, September 27, 2009

Don't Forget PBS tonight!! My Foster Cats

Today, Ray and I finished up on the yard work. The man across the street was burning something stinky behind his board fence, so we fired up my burn pile of pine needles in self defense. He was up there on his roof, with some swear words, and a hammer, and it might have been his old roofing that he was burning.

My Foster Kitties:

As soon as I wake up, I paddle through to the kitchen, turn on the coffee maker, then the puter, let the cats out of the dog room, and open the blinds and door to the screen porch so they can go out there first thing. Then I have my quiet time reading emails, watching the news, and drinking coffee! Once I am dressed, I feed them their breakfasts in the dog room. Talk about herding cats !! Leading them carrying their food dishes, works! That gets them back in there, so that we can work, and not worry about them getting outdoors.

Mime, the tortoiseshell, (now “Prime”, as she is such a sweet cat), just doesn’t like staying in the dog room. After she has had her breakfast, she clicks her nails on the glass door, imploring me with her eyes to let her back in the house. This is the only time that she asks for anything. When I let her in here, she just lays down somewhere and minds her own business. If we are not working I let her stay in the house. Sometimes she will just lay quietly beside me when I am working on the computer. When we are working outside, she has to be contained on the screen porch. She doesn’t trample the plants like Patches and Pretty do.
Now “Pretty”, the Siamese, is another story. She is a demanding little kitty. I can’t even check my email while drinking my coffee in the morning without her trying to get on the keyboard, and constantly brushing up against me. I pick her up, put her on the floor, saying “No”. She tries again, but if she doesn’t get down at the third “No”, then I put her back in the dog room for “time out”. She is learning, as usually on the second “No” she goes and lays down somewhere. I know you can train cats! Even a stubborn Siamese! I am still working on training her not to get under my feet in the kitchen, or she will trip me one day. She isn't listed on Petfinder yet, but has been spayed, vaccinated. and had her pictures taken.

Patches, the calico, doesn’t interfere with the computer at all, in fact she hardly ever comes in here. All she cares about is her dinner, watching the world from a corner on the porch, and sitting on top of the recliner. Even she has learned to stay away from under my feet in the kitchen, not like Pretty. Patches lays down where I can see her and makes little noises to let me know she is ready to go back into the dog room for her dinner. She likes to be petted on her head, but she still hates to be picked up, so she positions herself so that is difficult to do. If she is picked up, she will struggle, but not scratch or bite. I think she taught Prime to click her nails on the glass of the dog room door when she wanted something. They are crafty.

Bobcat, my 15 year old Manx, (no tail cat) is doing better with her terrible elbow arthritis. After the beginning first five days large amounts of Metacam they prescribed, she threw up blood. Thank goodness I had trained her to throw up in the tub. Poor old gal, she was trying to get there, reaching. So I picked her up and put her in there. Scared the daylights out of me. The vet told me to discontinue it and buy something else from them. Now, I wasn’t convinced that the Metacam had caused it. By then she was supposed to be on the small maintenance dose, 2-3 times a week. I waited a couple of days and gave her that. Another couple of days and another small dose. Then she stopped limping, so the inflammation must have gone down. But I had also done another thing at the same time. She had been on Royal Canin Indoor Mature 27 dry food, and her Special Diet canned food. I switched to Royal Canin Active Mature 28, which also has Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and Omega 3 in it, for joint health. She even liked it better, so she might have been gluttonous, and that could have made her throw up. Now she just needs Metacam about every 3-4 days to stop her from limping. She even gets up in her bed on my wide bathroom window sill, to watch the traffic, something she hasn’t done for a long time. See picture. When she first started to limp she would lay in my late dog’s bed, under my bed, and couldn't get up in her favorite window. Maybe she won't have to have her bad arm amputated, after all.

Don't forget to watch PBS today.

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