Thursday, September 24, 2009

20th.Sept. Odd Job Day. Humane Society Closed. Then Virus.

This is a draft I had in Live Writer, so that is why it is out of date order. I still can't post from Live Writer, so I had to copy and paste!!

Sunday, 20th. Sept. 2009
The weather is not hot enough to make the AC’s compressor come on, but it is so humid that one has to turn them down just to get the sticky feeling out of the house.

Ray and I put some more seam sealer on my kitchen floor to fill in the gouges a bit more. The little hole in the metal bottle tip is so tiny, that it doesn’t put much down at a time. It is as fine as the wire in a paper twist tie. We know that, as we had to burn the paper off one to clean the tip. When the time comes to do Ray’s kitchen, we might just drill that hole out a bit more.

Then we tried to fix my old black cordless phone. I had taken it, and the new battery that Radio Shack sent me, to their store yesterday, as it still wouldn’t work. The lady said that the new battery was the same as the one they had sold me at the store. So now I have two new batteries and it still didn’t work. I wish I could have found another phone that small years ago, and then I wouldn’t have to fool with this one. We took it apart and sprayed contact cleaner on the contacts, and this time the charge light came on, but no dial tone. (the battery had been charged up) Then I sprayed all the phone and cord connections, and I got a dial tone. But not with the battery they sold me at the store. They finally re-imbursed me for the one I bought at the store.

“Pretty” got pretty rambunctious this morning and scattered the things that I had taken out of the Mirage. So it was time I did something with that pile of stuff. There was no use keeping it packed down as it is for sale. I got some bins and sorted it out into what went back into the TranStar, what I would donate to the Mirage, and what could be put away or put in a yard sale.
The weather is getting closer to being right for a yard sale. I hope it stays that way for a while, not like last fall when Winter started very early. That was the longest Winter I have had in this neck of the woods.

It doesn’t seem that I can make it to Kerrville, but I am aiming for Rockport. My foster kitties might have forever homes by then, and I am not taking in any more. (Famous last words!)

This hurt us, SPCA, especially on our Adoption Day, but I am glad for their animals:

“CONROE, TX (KTRK) -- Dozens of cats and kittens have new homes, now that the Montgomery County Humane Society is closed.
The shelter shut down Saturday because there wasn't enough money to stay open. The humane society said it would have to euthanize about 50 animals if they were not adopted. The shelter waived all fees to ensure the pets could find new homes. We're told all the animals were adopted. The city of Conroe is supposed to take over the shelter. “
There is another big shelter, south of Conroe, down on FM 242, but I think that is run by Animal Control.

I was just going to hit ‘Publish’ on this when I got a virus on my PC, so that is why I wrote:
Oopps, I have to go, have things to do today.

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