Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Water Leak. Pretty's Surgery. Ted Kennedy.

Another morning that was comfortable to be working outside.

Ray backed up the minivan out of the RVport to prevent it getting over- spray, as he was spraying some white paint on the Mirage.

Jay and I were going to move the rack of landscape timbers and 4x4s, when I noticed a damp spot in the RVport, where the van had been. There was obviously a water leak. Jay dug down and found a leaking coupling. We cut out that stub-up where there was a faucet at one time, when I lived in my 40' travel trailer here, and so that is no more. After repairing the line we put some hard concrete that had been split in half around some posts, in the hole under the pipe, to support it. The post's imprint in the concrete was just right to cradle the pipe in place. Shay's Blackie was watching all this. Good 'Watch Cat', she will watch work by the hour, just like some folks I know!

I picked Pretty up about 6.15 last night, from the other foster mom who had taken her to the vet yesterday. Even though she was still groggy from the anesthetic, she still tried to claw out of the carrier. Thank goodness she tested free of FIV and Feline Leukemia. Well, we saved the world from another 400 cats in the next 10 years. As skinny as Pretty is, when they spayed her, they found out that she was a little bit pregnant. I got her settled in her newly sanitized cage, and she ate her dinner with gusto. She has to stay locked up for a week, to make sure she doesn't jump up on anything. I watched her through the glass door to the dog room to make sure she wasn't interfering with her stitches. I didn't want to put a cone on her neck, but I would have, if needed. She had a pretty good night, even though I didn't. (Due to my sinuses).

The pictures are to show why our SPCA uses Dr. Angel. Can you believe that Pretty had a hysterectomy through that little hole? Also we use Dr. Angel because we know that they clean and sanitize everything between patients, especially the anesthetic face masks. ( A lot of vets don't)

Ted Kennedy's Legacy of Social Change:
""It's rare that a person touches the hearts and minds of so many activists across so many causes. This week, people around the globe honored the life of Sen. Ted Kennedy, the third longest-serving U.S. Senator in history and a champion for many of the issues that many believe in so passionately.
There was global warming, and Kennedy's pioneering work to curb climate change. He was among the first legislators - more than 30 years ago - to sponsor legislation to establish fuel economy standards, and up until his departure from the Senate helped shepherd legislation to cut greenhouse gas pollution.
There was global health, and the Senator's drive to combat global HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, and to make sure that the U.S. was setting the standard when it came to preserving the power of antibiotics.
There was women's rights, and Kennedy's tireless efforts to push the Equal Rights Amendment, and his support for legislation that created family and medical leave time, equal pay for equal work, Title IX equal access for women, and more.
And of course health care, which will perhaps be the cause for which Sen. Kennedy leaves the biggest legacy. Sen. Kennedy's main priority these past few years was to make sure everyone had decent, quality health care as a fundamental right and not a privilege. That work remains unfinished. It's now up to us to complete it.
Whether it was these causes or other such as homelessness, human rights abuses, immigration, or poverty, Sen. Kennedy taught us that no issue was too small when it came to defending what is right. """

Jay and I finally got the rack of 4x4's moved today.

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