Friday, September 25, 2009

Computer Shopping!

Another day that Ray couldn't work.

While I was trying to read mail, and IM with a friend, the darned power went out. It took forever to crank up the laptop. It is always hooked up to a phone line for these emergencies. I needed to tell them what had happened, so they wouldn't think of me as rude. But I missed them, and had to email.

While the laptop was online, I thought I might as well update the version of AOL. The newer one, 9.1, doesn't take up so much space and is easier to use. I must have pushed the wrong button and it started installing, not upgrading, and I didn't notice the difference. I busied myself with things around the house, organizing my pictures on the PC, but after 2 hours, the laptop said it had only installed 50% !
I was livid, and drove into the next town.

I had written down the specs of my laptop and PC. Just like most people, I wanted faster than what I have!! I have 5 computers sitting around here, they all work, but I have never had a brand new one. One laptop even has Windows 98 on it!! It was given to me, maybe because I live at the lake, they must have thought I needed a boat anchor! The sixth computer was my first one, it had 32 RAM, is no longer here.
I stopped at WalMart just to see what they had, but they weren't much help. So I went to Best Buy. I picked out an HP duel core laptop that I liked, but I am going to ask other folks who know about computers, before I buy it.

My slow laptop got my goat, today.


Mom of Bark & Bite said...

Hi Penny
Read your earlier blog about your little ramblings. I am not big on making comments about a blog. But, as I have spoken out now, I feel like I need to let you know, you cover more area than you think. What your "little ramblings" effects have been. One-I do the daily click for animals, breast cancer, and others.I forward that site to my three daughters and a some close friends. Any help that gives to people or animals,from that site, that is because of you. When (aka) Bite, came to live with us, he also had stomach problems. I change to a brand of dog food (sold at my vet) it was a disaster. I think the dog may have died if I had not changed his food. Somewhere along there, you were talking about dog food. You talked about this brand, not good. So Big Boy Bite receive new food, thanks to you. I don't know you, but "you" have help more than you ever guessed.

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

ohh loved the one of Denies Access... LOL