Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wayzalot Wrecked. Adoption Day.

The famous Wayzalot, as seen in many TV shows and articles, met it's doom on the 11th. May 2010:


"A handmade wooden trailer named 'Wayzalot' sits wrecked on I-65 southbound after wrecking to avoid hitting a semi. Hardy Evans says the trailer has been featured on RV Crazy and has been featured 100 times on the Travel Channel. (By Amber Sigman, special to The Courier-Journal) May 11, 2010"
Here is where it was featured:
More at:

In it's heyday:

This is a picture from Tin Can Tourists.

Added later.      Here is the obituaty of the Wayzalot:

Just in case you are interested in vintage trailers.   Here is a picture of my 53 Silver Streak Clipper, the one with the alien eyes:
Sold through Jim Patterson:

imageAnd my 47 Westwood Coronado, a 'Before' picture.
By a strange set of events, I owned this one 3 times between 1968 and 2009. In 2009 the frame was just as good as it was in 1947.   Sold through Tin Can Tourists Classified.
Those were the oldest ones that I worked on.

Jay said he would go with me to help me with the animals for Adoption Day.   So I put Patches and Prime in their traveling cages, and led Sparky out to the car and crated him for the trip.  Jay got the cat cages loaded in the van, but Patches was so mad at having to go to Adoption Day that she held her blankie with her feet,  and tore shreds off it with her teeth, on the way.  Jay unloaded them for me when we got there, while I led Sparky in.   I got them settled in their display cages, and left.

It was drizzling while Jay and I went down to The Woodlands.  Jay wanted to go to a warehouse type thrift shop there on Budde Road, where we used to pick up all sorts of bargains.  They didn't have anything we wanted this time, and I doubt if we will go there again. 
We stopped at one more thrift shop and then headed back to Conroe.  We had stopped at Pancho's Mexican Restaurant, but they had changed the menu, so we boogied on up to China Buffet.  I had a very nice meal, but Jay complained about everything, as usual.  But he would complain even if he was getting hung with a new rope!

They had a very slow Adoption Day, no applications on any of the animals.  As my Bobcat clearly feels that Sparky has usurped her house, I asked my SPCA boss to take him back for a while.  Both her parents are now out of the hospital, so she is not chasing around quite as much.  She said that he was a different dog since I took care of him, and showed well, whereas the other time he was there he growled and snapped at nearly everyone. 
I didn't like to do this to him, but my pet comes first.  She is 15 years old and it is her house.  She only came out of my bathroom twice the whole two weeks that Sparky was here.  She should not have to live under stress like that in her old age.

So I am again dogless today.


eric starr said...

Hi Penny, LOVE your blog! Do you still have your clipper? Any interest in selling it?

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Hi Eric,

Thank you for your interest.
It was sold a while back.
Happy Trails, Penny