Thursday, May 27, 2010

SlideOut Tips. Dr. Visit.

iiCan't find where to lubricate motor home slide out?
"A webcast viewer asks Gary for advice about where to locate the slide out mechanism on his motor home so he can lubricate it. "

Avoiding slideout damage
We found this tip at
"After seeing the damage caused to slide out rooms in friends' motor homes when they had not removed the safety devices before trying to extend the rooms, I developed a simple reminder for myself.
I made a small laminated card with the word "Yes" on one side and "No" on the other. I attached small strips of hook-and-loop fastening material on each side of the card and another piece on the in/out switch for the slide out. This lets me know when the room is safely extended, or when the room is in and the safety bars are in place. Now I just need to remember to reverse the card at the appropriate time!" --R. Marrinson

Have a stick or piece of string, the depth of your slide out (s), to measure outside before deploying it into a tree!

Keystone owners manual says not to step on your slide outs when in travel mode:

"I have a 2004 motor home with a slide out problem. The slide will only travel 1/2 to 2/3 of the way and stop. It doesn't matter that it's traveling in or out." More at:


Bill's Hints

"Inspect the hydraulic systems of slideouts occasionally for any sign of hydraulic fluid. There should never be any oily spots below the mechanism. Repairs should be made at the first sign of a leak." --From Trailers and Fifth Wheels Made Easy.

This morning, I was so short of breath that I didn't even know if I could drive.  That is a horrible feeling.  Between that and the coughing, I felt pretty weak.  Anyway, Jay and I took off about 9.00AM for my doctor's appointment.
The nurse took my pulse, blood pressure (both good) and temperature, (which was below normal).  The doctor listened to my chest and couldn't hear any abnormality, but by then I had managed to cough up a lot of the phlegm, and could breathe easier.
BCI Hand Held Pulse Oximeter with Finger Probe
Then he said he was going to check my oxygen content, to see if he had to send me to the hospital.  Oh, gee, I didn't want to go there. 
I didn't know how they were going to do this, and expected to have to breathe into a machine or something.  But a nurse came in with a little handheld machine, put my finger in that attached finger holder, and in a couple of seconds it was done!   It is called a 'Hand Held Pulse Oximeter With Finger Probe'.   Mine reading was 93, and if it had been 90 or below I would have been hospitalized, so they could give me oxygen.

He wrote three prescriptions for me.   As I had managed to get the eye drop medicine that he prescribed for me last week straightened out with my HMO, that was waiting for me at our local Kroger pharmacy.  So I asked the receptionist if they would call these in too, so that they would be ready by the time we got back to our town.

So now we were free to go shopping.  I deliberately found shady spots to park the van, as the sun was really beating down on us today.  That meant quite a bit of walking, which is good.   We went to 4 thrift shops.  I found a bag to make into a map bag for the back of the driver's seat.  First car I have had, that didn't have one. 
I bought an oscillating Pelonis ceramic heater with thermostat.  They were the original ceramic heaters, and are supposed to be the best.  Jay bought some jeans, and I grabbed three sleeveless cotton tops on sale for 50 cents each.
Jay had a 'two-fer' coupon, so we got a sour dough hamburger each.  I never did have time to eat mine, too busy tending the reins of the van, so it was put in the little 12 v. fridge in the van.   It will be my supper, not that I care for hamburgers.

We stopped for gas at our Kroger, and there was that same lady trying to get someone else to take the little Chihuahua she had offered me yesterday.  Poor little doggie. She had found him, a couple of months ago, starving, very timid and scared.  But her landlord won't let her have two dogs, and also hers has just come into season.   I called her and said that I would take him, and she is supposed to bring him in the morning, but I don't know if I will get him or not.  He is supposed to be very good and housebroken.

At Krogers I had to get some canned cat food, bananas and tissues, but I had forgotten my list, so that was all I remembered.  The prescriptions were ready, but one of them wasn't approved by my HMO, again!

So that will mean some more phone calls today!


Sandra said...

I sure hope you feel better soon. I've had breathing problems so I know how you feel!

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Oh please take care of your lungs, they are on the only ones you get! LOL

I am on oxygen tanks, nebulizer machine, and 7 different breathing drugs for a condition from a chemical burn in the lungs. Reactive Airway disease, and COPD have now set in. Not fun.

Karen and Steve
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