Friday, May 28, 2010

Volunteer at THE Rally. KY K-9 Dog Show. Prizes. New Sugarboy!

“What is The Rally?The Rally is the biggest and best RV event of the year and is sponsored by the Good Sam Club, Coast to Coast Resorts, Camping World President’s Club, Trailer Life and Motorhome magazines and Woodall’s Publications. Novice and experienced RVers get a chance to meet industry experts, find great bargains on RV products and enjoy camaraderie with fellow RV enthusiasts.”
Where, when?
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July 22 – 25, 2010 Louisville, KY.

“Entertainment... Seminars... Exhibits... New Rigs... Area Tours... Fun... It's the biggest event of the year for the RV enthusiast and the 2010 event will be held in Louisville, Kentucky, July 22-25.
It's more than just an exposition - it's an experience, - it's the Greatest RV Rally in the World and it's coming to Louisville, Kentucky aka Main Street U.S.A. - a vibrant city bursting with heartland charm and southern hospitality.”

Kentucky K-9s Dog Show.
"Road trips are more fun with great companions, and no one makes a better travel partner than man’s best friend. At The Rally, guests can enter their canine pals in the “Kentucky K-9s” Dog Show or add to the family during Pet Adoption Days.
The Rally Dog ShowProud dog owners can show off their pet’s tricks at the 7th annual Dog Show. The “Kentucky K-9s” show is a great way to get the entire family involved. Dogs will compete in categories such as Best Biscuit Balance, Southern Culture Costume Contest, Silliest Pet Trick, Doggie Musical Chairs, and more. “Kentucky K-9s” is set for Friday, July 23, from 10 a.m. to Noon, followed by an awards ceremony. For more information, rules, and to register your pooch, visit"
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Club/Pub Days Gifts and Prizes, at The Rally.
"Clubs and publications featured at The Rally will treat guests to special daily entertainment, gifts, prizes and activities – just another reason in a long list to attend this year’s centennial celebration!"
"There is so much to see and do this year at The Rally. If you haven’t registered yet, what are you waiting for? You will not what to miss out on all of the fun! For more information, visit  ."
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Linda was supposed to bring the little homeless Chihuahua at 7.30 AM, and she was late.  I usually work (online) from 6.00 to 8.00 AM, and then I get bathed, dressed, clean boxes, and feed the animals, so I clocked off at 7.00, so I could do all that before she arrived.  Rushing around got me huffin' and a'puffin' all over again.  I had been up a lot in the night with clogged sinuses, and chest congestion, even though I have started on the prescriptions.

But not only did she bring the Chihuahua, but 3 just weaned kittens.  As she had borrowed a carrier to bring them, I made them comfy in one of my cages, and fed them some canned cat food made into a gruel, and fixed them up with a little bed, diluted evaporated milk and litter box. (Straight cow's milk can give kittens the runs, and then they dehydrate.)

The Chihuahua which she had named "SugarBoy", as Sugarboy-2-1he looks the same color as her late "Sugar", was quite happy to investigate my back yard, and do his thing, and come back in.  After she left, I tried to put a collar on him, so that he could go in the car with me to get Jay, and that is when he freaked.  He obviously does not like collars, so we played ring around kitchen island, until he went in the grooming room, so I shut the door.  I gave him a comfy bed, a pink toy, and that's where he stayed. 
As it happened I didn't have to get Jay, as he called to say he was going to the Medical Center with his mother.

I called Animal Control, which is connected to the Humane Society, and they had another call in this subdivision, so they picked up the kittens.  I knew what would happen to them, but I couldn't keep them here, as they didn't look in that great a shape, so I couldn't have them around my foster cats. 
Our local SPCA,  which is 'no-kill', can't take any more cats, we don't have enough foster homes.  Every shelter has too many cats for adoption right now, it's that time of the year.   
When will folks get their pets, especially cats, spayed and neutered. 
EVERY LITTER BIT HURTS.  "Don't breed, when there are so many homeless pets already."

Right on time 9.00 AM Ray arrived, and painted a lot of the trim around floor, the front door and patio door in my Foyer (be-'for ya' get in) or Hall if you prefer.
This leads to my living room on the right through a patio door, or the grooming room is through another single glass door straight ahead. It had got a bit dingy looking over the years.  Then he painted the living room side of the patio door trim too.  I don't know why, but the other patio door on the front of my living room, that goes to the screen porch doesn't get that grubby.  But that is not a way out, as there is no way to the outside on the screen porch.  (Well, there is a tiny one, but it is kept locked.)

Sugarboy-5-1I even had Prime and Patches loose in the grooming room, and they ignored Sugarboy.  He is very quiet, very timid, and I had him on my knee for a while while typing this, hoping that he will gradually settle in, and get more confident.   He has been very good about doing what he is supposed to do outside. 

Sugarboy-6-1 I don't know what I am going to do with him, but I couldn't have Linda trying to pawn him off to just anyone at gas stations.  He needs to be neutered, his teeth cleaned, and if he is re-homed he needs to go to folks who have passed a background check, like any shelter does.

It is now 94.6°, at 5.44 PM, and has been rather a busy day!

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Sandra said...

He's a cute little dog. I hope you can find him a forever home.