Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dual Mother's Day Cards. Green Pug.

Protect Mother Earth--FREE!

These cards have a dual purpose:

Protect Mother Earth--FREE!

(Sorry it is blurry, but I enlarged it, as I thought the animals and waterfall could been seen better. That's what I get for doing my own thinking!)

The cards say your Mother's Day Greetings, and each one sent helps this Mother Earth of ours, saving it for our kids and their kids.

Or pick a different card and contribute even more clicks:


It would be great if more people were as conscientious as this little dog about recycling!

It would save a lot of time, money and space at the landfills.
"If you're not recycling, you are throwing it all away".

Bobcat came down from her padded seat at my bathroom window last night, and slept on my bed.  This is a first since Sparky arrived, as he sleeps on my bed, too.  They slept on opposite ends of the bed.

Ray was painting more of the pergola today.  Most of it he painted with a small roller, now he was doing all the cutting in with a brush.  Jay stayed at home, as he hates anything to do with painting.

Jay is taller so he doesn't mind reaching to things off a ladder, but Ray and I feel better with something bigger and more solid under us:


So the minivan came to the rescue.

I always know when it is getting hotter, as I can hear the faint sound of the attic fan going when I am in the kitchen.  It was quite nice this morning, but supposed to go up to 90°.

It is 87° F, and 46% humidity at 2.30 PM today.

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Lynilu said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I left a response for you.

And thanks also for the loving work you do for animals. You're a gem!