Saturday, May 22, 2010

Prefer Your Pet? Dancing Dog. Groom For Gulf.

woman dog"When traveling, it's natural to miss everyone at home, including your pets. But a recent nationwide survey by Pup-Peroni indicates that a significant portion of the pet parent population (33 percent) actually miss their pets more than their significant others! And it's not that these people just aren't feeling the romance; 60 percent find their pooches to be more dependable than their human pals.
The survey results showed that:
89 percent say their pooches are more excited to greet them when they come home than their significant others
89 percent believe there have been moments when their dogs tried to comfort them in times of need
74 percent think their dog's body language or facial expressions let them know how their pet is feeling
72 percent prefer to blow off steam by taking a walk with their dogs than with a close companion
70 percent believe they have "shared a look" with their dogs on at least one occasion
69 percent believe their pooches know when they are feeling happy
67 percent believe their pups sense anger
67 percent confess that when they travel, they're more likely to feel guilty about leaving their dogs behind than family and friends
62 percent believe that their dogs are more dependable than their human best friends
58 percent think their dogs know when they're sad
41 percent say that their furry friend is more likely to "notice" they've had a bad day than their best human friend
34 percent report that at least once, they've had an entire "conversation" with their dogs without saying a word
9 percent say they know exactly what their pooch is thinking".
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The reason I don't do Tiny URLs is that I want you to see where it came from.  You never know where a Tiny URL is going to take you!
Dancing Dogs:
'Simon Cowell might seem like a big ol' meanie, but beneath that skintight shirt beats the heart of a dog lover. The "Britain's Got Talent" judge says he's picked as a potential winner of this year's competition, and she's a furry, four-legged rescue dog named Chandi. "

You can see the loving interaction between them.
Have your pet "Groomed for the Gulf" 
"If you're interested in helping protect the environment and the aquatic and bird life now at risk in the Gulf of Mexico, here's what you need to do:
  • Have your pet groomed by your regular groomer or at your local PETCO
  • If you use your regular groomer, ask them to collect all the clippings and put them in a plastic storage bag (if you have your pet groomed at PETCO they will automatically do this for you)
  • Drop your pet's fur/hair clippings off at your local PETCO grooming salon; or
  • Go to follow the instructions on how to donate.  
WebVet's recommendation is to find a PETCO in your area and drop your pet's fur off at the grooming salon. 
The important thing here is that all pet owners join forces to help save the environment and, most importantly, the wildlife that is being so negatively impacted by this oil spill. 
What's more wonderful than animals helping to save animals?"
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The little Long Coat Chihuahua shed a lot, and I didn't realize it until I emptied my upright vacuum.  I have a bag full of it to donate.  I have had poodles for the last few years, and they don't shed.  (PS.  I still love my little Hoover Nanolite, it really sucks it up.)  I am sure there was some cat hair in there too.  I wanted to get all the cut hair too, so that I could take it to Petco.   
So Patches and Prime watched me vacuum every nook and cranny in the grooming room and Middle Room, today.

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