Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Free Games Give. Keep Your Fresh Flowers.

Click to play over 20 games!
Games That GiveTM
Now you can play for the cause!
More than 20 of the most popular "casual" games, all absolutely free, are now available here at The Animal Rescue Site. The more you play*, the more you can help shelter animals!
How does it work?
Games that GiveTM are a simple, free, and fun way to help animals in need by playing some some of the most popular "casual games" of all time. The games contain sponsor advertising, and 70% of that advertising is donated to help shelter animals.
Everybody wins!
The Animal Rescue Site's charity partners get funding to help animals in need, sponsors get good advertising, and you get to play fantastic classics like Solitaire, Gems, Snake, Memory, and more!
From: http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com/clickToGive/gamesthatgive.faces?siteId=3&link=ctg_ars_gamesthatgive_from_home_sidetabs
This one is from The Animal Site, but each of the 6 sections has a 'Games' tab on their side bar, if you would prefer to play their games.
I.E.    If you prefer your games to help The Breast Cancer Site, here is their link: http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com/clickToGive/gamesthatgive.faces?siteId=2&link=ctg_bcs_gamesthatgive_from_home_sidetabs
So you got fresh flowers for Mother's Day…..
The life span of almost any floral variety can be stretched by following these simple tips:

1. Remove leaves below the water line.
Only bare stems should be submerged.2. Cut stems ends at a 45-degree angle, removing 1/2 inch. This allows a larger surface for water uptake. Use gardening shears or a sharp utility knife to make the cut -- household scissors aren't strong enough and crush the stem, resulting in poor water uptake.
2. Change the water every two days. Stale water creates the ideal conditions for bacterial growth.
3. Use lukewarm water. Warmer water is more easily absorbed.
4. Use a preservative. Many arrangements come with preservative packets. If not, ask the florist to provide them or purchase your own.
5. Add a crushed aspirin to the vase water. The carbohydrate content nourishes the stem, while the analgesic aspect opens the stem up for better water intake.
6. Remove dying blooms from the stem. They give off ethylene gas, which causes other flowers to wilt.
By using these tips and tricks the next time you receive a beautiful bouquet, you can make flowers last for a few weeks, rather than just a few days.
Or you can press them, for a keepsake, or scrapbooking:
"Pressing flowers can be fun and easy to do. All you need - besides the flowers - is pressure, absorbent paper, and warmth.

Almost any flat, heavy object will work to provide the necessary pressure: phone books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and family bibles are some traditional examples. It is not advisable to put the flowers directly between the pages of the book because the flowers could stain the paper. Instead, place the plants between sheets of absorbent paper on a shelf and place the book on top.
You might want to surround the flowers with sheets of cardboard. The cardboard will ensure that both the thick and thin parts of the flower are held firmly in place without smashing or bruising."
Read more at:  http://www.doityourself.com/stry/guidepressingflowers

Ray painted some more lattice.  It isn't finished yet, but Ray, Jay and I screwed up some of the pergola lattice in place, yesterday.

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Okay I don't know where you find all the helpful stuff you post but what a great resource you are!

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