Sunday, December 27, 2009

Nat. Parks, Tigers, Puppies, Horses, etc.

This morning, Ray and I went through some more stuff on the “To Be Fixed” table in the workshop. There were a lot of bits, parts, nails and many screws in bins on that table, so Ray and I got them all sorted and put away or thrown out. One new pile was “Things to do when it’s warmer outside” and another “Things to put in the shed”, as we didn’t even want to open the big doors to let the sunshine in, as it was too cold.  It was only 50 deg. in the workshop, of course that would be bliss for you folks in AK!
I was also washing doggie beds, even the foam that goes in them.  (I had washed all the doggie blankies , and Jay shampooed my carpet, yesterday.)

Please help the National Parks:
“We're running out of time!
Alan Lacy, Chair of NPCA's Board of Trustees has agreed to match every online donation (to a total of $100,000) made before midnight on December 31st--and the clock is ticking.
We're close to reaching the goal, but we're not there we need your help.

Some noteworthy petitions which might be of interest to anyone who loves animals that you, or someone you know, might want to sign:

Are the Sea Turtles really in peril?
If you read the comments, there are debating thoughts about this:

“Alaska’s cruel wolf-killing from airplanes and helicopters rages on as Palin-appointed officials target more than 100 wolves statewide for this season’s body count.”
If I had known Sarah Palin was behind this aerial wolf shooting, I would never have supported her as Second-In-Command:

These, and any other hard working horses, need to be properly treated:

This is disgusting, using cat and dog fur, Would you want that around your neck, it may have been from your best friend:

You already know what they are doing to the lions in Kenya, and poisoning the CROPS that they import to the USA, too.  But here is another petition:

Soon there won’t be any tigers in the world:

“Recognize that the health of Cook Inlet belugas is tied to a healthy marine habitat.”

This is self explanatory, but PLEASE sign this one:

Please thank Gov. Rell for the Bill about Puppy Mills:
Sponsored by: ASPCA
The CT SB 499-Puppy Lemon Law and Trace Back Bill has finally completed its legislative journey. On Wednesday, July 8, Connecticut Governor Rell signed this important humane legislation into law.
The law will improve the state's "puppy lemon law" by increasing the allowable reimbursement to pet purchasers who have bought sick animals and must assume often substantial veterinary costs. Send your thanks to Governor Rell for signing the Puppy Mill Bill - sign the letter below and tell a friend.

Trying to make my tiny voice, and yours, I hope, heard in the support of animals today.

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