Friday, December 11, 2009

Chocolate Is Super Food!

Still too chilly to let the cats out on the porch.  Sheba barked to be let out in the middle of the night again, so I bundled up littleSheba-in-coat (Small) Sheba and me, and we all went out, but it wasn’t as cold as the night before.
But it took me a while to go back to sleep soundly, so I saw parts of different movies on TCM.  At least that channel doesn’t go to infomercials.  When my back bothers me at night, I know it is out, so I really wanted to have something done about it today.

Ray would be very late, and Jay, who has been on the wagon AGAIN for the last few days, wanted to come and clean up the yard. That was fine by me, and so that is what he did.  Now we have several big piles of pine needles to burn when there is no wind.  I clipped a little on Sheba’s feet, and Puddin’s ears, I wish I had taken a close up of her.  I saw a camera that is a whole lot better, I hope, than mine, so I am thinking about buying it.

Ray screwed together Bobcat’s new larger porch bed, primed and painted it country blue, like the rest of the porch accessories.  Then he pruned a bush that had frozen, even though it was covered up with a thick mattress pad.  First time I have had plants freeze.

When Mindi came to get her pooches, Sheba was so pleased to see her Mom.  Mindi’s face was licked all over.  Sheba had been eating well here, and has been boarded here many, many times over the years, but she doesn’t get as spoiled here as she does at home. Mindi carries her around a lot, and you know I don’t!

As soon as the dogs were gone, I was able to make an appointment at a chiropractor in our town.  I had been there before several times years ago, and he worked on my back.  I will know how it went when I lie down tonight. It is still sore right now, and he told me to put ice on it for 30 minutes on, and 60 minutes off, as it is swollen.  But that is kind of difficult when you have things to do, so I will just take some Aleve.

cat-sits-on-your-sweater (Small) The foster cats have been staying in the house while the dogs were in ‘their’ room, but in all fairness to old Bobcat I had to herd them, with food, back in there tonight.
An article about: Is “Natural Food” better?
“Also, keep in mind that not all organics are cleaner than their non-organic relatives. For example, asparagus doesn't tend to be treated with a lot of chemicals even in non-organic farming practices, so you're less likely to find a difference in food quality/safety there.”
cat-will-eat-your-dinner-in-five-seconds (Small) Now for the news you all wanted to hear:
“Chocolate has all but been elevated to superfood status. And the good news keeps rolling in.
So here are three more reasons why you may not want to be too quick to break that chocolate habit. (As long as you're hitting the dark stuff.)”  More:
So that was it, for today.


Mom of B+B said...

Penny you are a special and kind person. Not many people would get up to take a dog out in the middle of the night. Keep up the blog and we will all hope for Jay-again.I am sure Bobcat knows he has a great home. I LOVE chocolate!

Ms. Fiddlesticks said...

It looks like you do grooming, yes? Would love a piece of advice. I have a Maltese, she chews and licks on herself a lot. I buy chews but just carries them around, never really eats them. Her breath smells awful. Got any suggestions? Thanks.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Hi Ms. Fiddlesticks. It is mostly from my experience as a vet tech, kennel operator and SPCA foster mom that I can give you some suggestions, not as a groomer.

When a dog is chewing and licking it can be several causes.
One main thing is to look at their diet, and see if it has corn products or 'By-Products' in it. It is not good for dogs, and it is a cheap filler that is used in most grocery store brands. It can play havoc with causing the 'itchies'.
Here is a site where you can review the ratings of dog food, and there is a video about pet food, too. See how yours rates!

Dog chews are made in different countries, and a lot of them have dyes in them, which can cause allergires. Only buy ones that are made in USA, and have NO dye.

Then, you may not see them, but some dogs are so allergic to one flea bite, that they itch for ages if bitten. All cats and dogs should be on a good flea and heartworm preventative.

As for her breath, that can be caused by eating food with corn in it, as it is indigestible for dogs, or she needs dental work. When was the last time she had a dental check-up? All dogs have to have their teeth cleaned, just like people. The products that say they are to help a dog's bad breath sometimes make it worse, so you will keep on buying it. There is NO substitute for a dental check-up.
Don't forget that dogs and cats should not have onions, grapes, raisins or chocloate. Very toxic for them.
If you want to reach me by email: LakeConroePenny at

I hope this helps, Penny.