Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Obedience Training, not just for Dogs! Rant!

Responsibility (Small)

Dennis Waitley is right!
It seems to me that the kids, young adults, and even older adults, that are so self absorbed in self-gratification, are the ones who were not taught responsibility for their actions when they were little.  This affliction seems to prey mostly upon the youngest, as they are doted on by their parents, and older siblings.   They develop a “me first” mind set, and acquire  the “gimmes”.  They found out that whining and tantrums got them attention, plus what they wanted, so they keep it up.   They harp and harp until they get their own way, knowing that it will work.

Now when a dog does that, you turn your back, pay him no mind until he quits, then praise him.  So he gradually finds out that being quiet gets him praise, and whining gets him ignored.  So they gradually learn responsibility for their actions.  See Dog training tips: http://animal.discovery.com/videos/its-me-or-dog-difficult-dogs/

The irresponsible adult who has to have want they want, when they want it, even to the expense of their kids and pet’s welfare, has an addictive and driven personality.  So that old “me first” can really start some nasty habits. I have several people in mind when I sat this.  Jay “HAS” to have his beer, Ronnie “HAS” to have her three packs of cigarettes each day, etc. Another “HAS” to have their vicodin.  This lack of self control really bothers me, as I see their kids and pets suffering over this.  I have seen kids go without nutritious food, and medical needs, because the money HAD to be spent on satiating the wants of the parents.  Also, I have seen animals, and pet birds, suffer for lack of good pet food, or medical needs, but a lot of money was spent in those households on stupid things like beer, drugs or cigarettes.  Where are their priorities? Still with "me"!

Where were the parents who were supposed to be raising these people?  A lot of them were so engrossed in their careers and making oodles of money, so that they could buy their spoiled kids “stuff”.  Then they buy them cars, and pay the kid’s car insurance. Now what does that teach a young adult?  How do they learn responsibility for their actions that way?  If they had to earn the money to pay for what they want, or need, I know they would appreciate their kids, pets, and stuff more than the kids that just had everything handed to them.

Obedience training isn’t just for dogs!
Keeping Children Safe Around Dogs and Cats:-
“Many young children aren’t aware of their own strength. They must be taught not to hurt a pet by pulling, squeezing, or behaving aggressively. Teach your child which parts of your pet can be touched and how to pet gently.”
From:  http://www.bluebuff.com/health/obedience-training.shtml?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=november09

Enough of that rant!

Ray was delayed this morning, so I ‘roughed-in’ Sheba and Jakey.  That means that I clipped a lot of the excess hair off their backs, legs, faces and feet.  I like to get as much hair off their feet before their baths, (which actually is a shower), so that I can feel if there is anything stuck between the pads of their feet. 
You would be surprised at the things I have found caught up in that foot hair.  We are very careful when we are stripping wires, as just a little tiny piece of thin wire can really hurt and get infected if they get it stuck in their feet, or they ingest it, trying to get it out.  Jakey had a tiny piece of green plastic stuck between his pads.  Must have come from the kid’s toys that one of the other dogs had chewed.  I know it wasn’t Jakey, as he doesn’t chew on things.

Ray and I moved another yard sale table out of the RVport, so that we would have room to attend to the tables that are along the open side.  We moved that black plastic and put tarps along there, with hooks to hold them in place where the grommets are.  It is supposed to be a lovely day on Saturday, but more wind and rain is forecast before then.

cat-w-remote (Small)I did my weekly trip into Conroe, and had to run the wipers on ‘mist’, and the defogger on the windshield there and back.

One of the cats stepped on the TV remote and changed it to Spanish, so it says “CA 48 Estero”, so I have to fix that today.


Gypsy said...

The problem here in coastal Georgia are the sand burrs. My poor dog is constantly stepping on them and won't let anyone touch her paws. I get them on my socks and the bottom of my pants legs, and have learned to use a small pr of pliers to get them out. Very painful!

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Hi Gypsy, They sell little leather bootees for that, and for snow.
Happy Trails, Penny, TX