Monday, December 14, 2009

Just Piddlin’. Kindle Alternative

It was drizzly and chilly, not cold, but the cats couldn’t go out on the porch till later, and then not for very long. It was still warm enough for us to have the big doors open on the workshop.
Ray and I looked to see why Jay’s repair  tBobcat-2009-9-1-1 (Small)o the leak on the porch roof didn’t work. We can see some things that we are going to try, but it was too wet and slippery on the roof today. 

So we finished Bobcat’s porch bed, and screwed it into place.  You can see that she is a ‘red tabby’, not a gray one. 
  We have a side table that is going in the yard sale, whenever we get some of our nice TX winter weather!  It needed to be repainted, but first we had to get pipe clamps on it, and secure one of the corners which was spreading.  Then Ray painted the new paper towel holder, and utensil holder for the motor home, in country blue.
Two small cube heaters worked when we tried them out, so I don’t know why they were on the repair table.  I had bought a new ceramic one at WalMart, then found out that it didn’t have a tip-over switch, which I thought was illegal, so that goes back.  So beware, and read the labels.

doctor's office (Small)Phew! I finally got enrolled in another Medicare HMO, after doing more studying, and calling, about it.  The one that seemed the best deal only had Primary Care doctors all the way down in The Woodlands. That wasn’t going to work.
As I had heard how great, attentive and not-in-a-rush Claudia’s doctor is, I signed up with that doctor and plan.

I don’t know anything about Kindle, but I saw this for those who might be interested:

“There is another alternative.  Amazon has a free download of the Kindle software that allows you to use your netbook, laptop
or desktop computer to download any Kindle book, newspaper, magazine, etc.
Anything you can get for the Kindle is available through this free software
on your own computer.

It's the same catalog and the same prices for everything. It's a great way of trying out the product (which are the electronic versions of the books) before you commit a chunk of money to a dedicated reader.
The software is available for Windows XP, Vista and 7 - they don't have the Macintosh version ready, yet, but it is is coming - they'll also have versions for the IPhone and other smart phones.
Just go to Amazon to the Kindle site and you'll find the info and the download button - register your software with Amazon and read to your heart's content - oh yeah, and if you ever buy a Kindle, you can synch the Kindle to the computer and move the books to the Kindle or download them again from your Kindle archive at doctor_money (Small) Amazon. Pretty cool and the price is RIGHT!
Along with the free software, if you go to the Kindle bookstore at, search on "-public", and then change the sort order to "low to high", there are an amazing number of free books available. Many authors release a few of their titles for free use to help build up a readership that will buy their other titles. These are not all old expired copyright books either, as I have about a dozen downloaded with copyright dates ranging from 2002 to 2009. Ebooks sure cut down on the weight of our onboard library. :-)
This may be what they mean?”
So that was my day.


Rod and Loyce Ivers said...

Thanks Penny I'll check the software out!

Gypsy said...

I'll stick with holding a real book in my hand. Nothing like it!