Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Carbofuran, Cats and Coffee. Nat. Parks.

On to a different subject today, I know you have probably had enough of the previous ones about Christmas.

The beautiful big cats are being poisoned on purpose.  This cruelty has to stop, before they are all but gone!  I can understand shooting one, if there is a rogue that is causing trouble, but this poisoning is horrendous.  Big cats live in families, prides, and if a mom is poisoned, the cubs will just suffer terribly and die of starvation.  This is unacceptable.

We are thousands of miles away from there, so, out of sight, out of mind.   But our kids and grandkids will not have the opportunity to go on a wonderful camera safari, like we do.  Or to see shows  like “Big Cat Diary” on Animal Planet, about some folks who loved to watch the daily lives of the big cats, and recorded it.

Not only that, it DOES affect us here, as it is also poisoning crops that are exported to the US.

It gets worse for Kenya which is a large exporter of coffee to the US.
Dr. Michael Fry of the American Bird Conservancy says, "The revocation of all food tolerances has international implications, as imports of rice, coffee, bananas and sugarcane were previously allowed to contain residues of carbofuran." He adds, "After this revocation, countries wishing to export these foods to the US must stop using carbofuran on these four major crops."

Every day is a feast day in the eyes of the Lord, and giving should not be just at this time of year.  So if you could take the time to sign at least one of the petitions, there are several,
or even donate to this cause, that will be your good deed for the day.

Here is a video thanking you for your support from the Wildlife:

While you are in a giving mood, I hope you will contribute to our National Parks, we don't want to see them go either:
There is a special deal that all contributions will be matched until the end of the year. So that doubles your money. Can't beat that!

It is a lovely warm day, with some sunshine and a bit of drizzle, so the cats are on the porch today.

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