Sunday, December 20, 2009

Jesus Christ or Santa Claus

"Santa will fill your stocking,
But Jesus will fill your heart with
Love that never fails,
Peace that surpasseth all understanding
Joy, unspeakably joy.
Santa comes only once a year---Christmas Eve,
But Jesus says, “Lo I am with you always.”
“I will never leave you nor forsake you”
Santa is making a list and checking it twice,
But Jesus has our names written in the
Lamb’s Book of Life.
Santa brings gifts,
But Jesus brought the gift of eternal life.
Santa comes with his sled and reindeer,
But Jesus is coming back with a mighty army
To receive unto Himself, His bride, the Church."

"Jesus Christ or Santa Claus? It has become more difficult to determine whether the Christ child is at the center of Christmas or Santa Claus. A primary reason is because the spirit of this season, as promoted by the world has become one gigantic commercial venture. We have gone from a season of joy and grace to a season of greed.

The spotlight, if not far removed, has been precariously dimmed on the Christ child born in a manger. However, chubby little man in a red suit with a bag full of goodies is bathed in radiant beams and proudly displayed. The world has cleverly managed to turned the hearts of many Christians away from “the word that became flesh and dwelt among us,” St. John 1:14.

The most anticipated aspect of the Christmas holiday season is the receiving and giving of gifts. Hence, the commercialization of Christmas world wide. There is nothing wrong with sharing gifts, sharing is a blessed act. But we should not make sharing gifts the central focus in our christian Christmas experience. Giving, in every way, must be a daily event not a contrived, once a year, special occasion act. Giving should be a daily experience, not a seasonal one.

I wonder would God be pleased with our Christmas hassles or with our Christ like hope. Think about it. Would God be pleased with the financial debt most of us accumulate during this season? Would He be pleased with our seasonal giving? Would God be pleased with our “shop till we drop” attitudes? Or would He be more excited about our sacrifice and faithfulness.

I wonder would God prefer our wrapped gifts with pretty bows or would He be delighted to have our body, spirit, and soul. We must be careful not replace Jesus Christ with Santa Claus and the ungodly spirit of this season. Surely, our Lord would not be pleased."

Have a safe day.

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Sandra said...

Here, here! You always make a good point.