Thursday, December 3, 2009

Canadian Forests are Important.

It was still to cold, 40 deg., at 6.00 AM for the cats to go out onto the screen porch, even though all the vinyl panels are up now.
cat-watches-you (Small)Bobcat was upset about this, and stayed right there next to the radiator by that patio door, glaring at me. But when the sun came around there, it warmed the porch up to nearly 60 deg., so all three were happy to be out there for a while.
But after 10 minutes Prime wanted back in, she wants to be where I am. She doesn’t bother anything, or ever meow with the “I wants” like Patches does. She just lies down near me, and watches me.

funny-pictures-cat-wants-you-to-pet-him (Small)-1 My flat screen monitor would not turn on this morning. What ever next? Then I couldn’t get my laptop to connect on WiFi, so I had to read my mail on dial-up. I had never been able to connect it to the Broadband, but I struggled with this and that, and finally got it connected that way.

cat-has-a-mugshot (Small)I tried my monitor on another outlet, but it still didn’t work. So I dug out my big old monitor, it is fairly fancy as it has microphone and web camera on it. So I do have my PC going now. I can do more with it, than the laptop.
I just can’t see spending money on this old set up, as I am looking for a new one.

Now on a more important note.

Canadian Boreal Forests Prove To Be One Of The Largest Carbon Sinks On Earth

Boreal Forest
“In northern Canada, an area twice the size of California stores the equivalent of 27 years worth of global greenhouse gas emissions. Now, Canadian provinces and other groups are taking steps to preserve the expansive boreal forest.

Some groups are planning to sell carbon offsets in exchange for protecting the forests. Others just want to see them preserved at any cost. Indeed, Greenpeace spent years pressuring Kimberly-Clark to cease chopping down old-growth boreal forests. When the paper goods giant agreed to use 40 percent recycled content earlier this year, it was deemed a victory for Canada’s boreal forests.

Canada’s boreal forests, which are made up of a mix of trees, wetlands, peat and tundra, soak up as much as 22 percent of all carbon stored on the Earth’s land surface, according to the International Boreal Conservation Campaign.

Now, Canadian provincial governments and aboriginal leaders are leading a conservation drive to ban logging, mining and oil drilling on about 250 million acres of Canadian boreal forest, reports the GuardianUK.
In Manitoba, a $10 million fund has been set up to protect about 10.8 million acres of forest.
Observers note that, even with conservation efforts, the boreal forests may one day become a virtual carbon time bomb. If climate change causes warmer, drier weather, the boreal forest swamps may dry up, exposing tons and tons of peat that would release carbon. Additionally, warmer weather would bring insect pressure and disease, potentially causing deforestation and the release of even more carbon.
Boreal forest timber...the opposite of what needs to happen.
Boreal forest timber...the opposite of what needs to happen.
repost from Environmental Leader
The Good: A focus on trees and forest that actually make a real difference in the carbon sequestration game.
The Bad: Climate change may destroy these forests thereby releasing huge amounts of CO2.
The Bottom-Line: Conservation of these forests and climate change mitigation are intertwined with the success of both being crucial to our environment.”

About boreal forests:

Tomorrow another cold day.

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