Tuesday, December 1, 2009

One Man's Trash..... Winterizing.

It wasn't too cold this morning, but we do have some cold weather coming, like 29 degrees!!

So Ray and I are winterizing again. We put the last vinyl panel up inside the screen porch, and then we fixed, I hope, the place that leaks up in one corner of the porch roof. There was a space between the roof and a post, so Ray put Eternabond all around the post. (I just went out there, and I think the leak is coming from somewhere else.)
Then we screwed the winter covers on the 100 ft. trough of aloe vera, out back, to protect it from freezing.
Vickie, Mom of Bark and Bite, wrote to me to tell me about some houses made of interesting recyclables near me in Huntsville, TX. It sounded interesting so I found some articles: http://donkeehouse.com/?p=895 and http://www.hollywoodframegallery.com/danphillipsproject.html
Then I found these pictures of the houses:
Exteriors: http://projects.phoenixcommotion.com/brigids-place/
Interiors: http://projects.phoenixcommotion.com/avenues-projects/
As they are asking for donations of building materials, including plumbing, I am going to give them the toilet and bath tub out of the Coronado.
Amazing what can be done with things that are going to be thrown out.

Buildings made out of recycled shipping containers: http://www.greenecoservices.com/rethinking-out-of-the-box-shipping-container-houses/
Even more interesting a house made from plastic bottles: http://www.odditycentral.com/tag/recycling

Then a tree house made of recycled wood in TN:

and even a temple made of glass bottles:

So next time you are about to throw something away, remember what can be done with trash!

Those darned people that live down my road, where I rescued Debo from last winter, are doing it again. Another dog tied to a leafless tree, no food, plenty of water as it is raining, but no shelter to get out of the mud. It is crying and howling it's heart out! Very upsetting for the animal loving, very elderly couple who live behind them. You know I called Animal Control, they are coming out in the morning, and they will see a mama dog there with her pups out in the rain, too. I hope the dogs get taken to a shelter, where they will be warm, some good food and care. It would be great if these people would either learn to take care of their animals, or be forbidden to ever have any again.

Needless to say, I am upset about this today!

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Mom Bark+Bite said...

Good for you in calling the animal shelter!!Not every dog owner treats their dog the same. I have two, they stay inside. My daughter has one. They prefer he stays outside in his large fence yard, house in the garage. Plenty of food. But he comes in when it is 40 or below.All are well taken of. I can not understand how anyone can leave a dog, and one with puppies especially, outside in the rain. It makes your heart hurt for them.