Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Busy All Day.

tailgate-flush (Small) It was in the 40’s (F) again this morning, so I didn’t let the cats out on the enclosed porch.  But I bundled up with several layers, and even my padded work coat, as I knew I would be outside.

 cat-steals-all-your-socks (Small)I let Patches and Prime sleep in my bedroom as I didn’t like to lock them up in their cages while the dogs are here.  The first night Patches didn’t realize that it was my feet, and not a snake under the covers, and she pricked me a few times.  I can clip the nails on any cat, except her.  She hates to be picked up.  I wanted to lock her up last night, but I couldn’t catch her without scaring her, so I let her stay.  She left my feet alone, I guess my “ouches” scared her.

It was too cold to work outside, so Ray and I measured and cut the lumber to make the bigger porch bed for Bobbiecat. Circular saw is his job, chop saw is mine! Ray was priming and painting all the cut wooden parts before assembly, but got called away.

blind-driver (Small) I had picked up Ronnie and we spent nearly three hours unloading boxes onto the carport and outside tables.  Then we covered them up with big sheets of black plastic.

She also got some more pants measured and marked.  I know from experience that people don’t want to look at every pair of pants on a rack to see the sizes.  So she has a yard stick, lots of little stiff paper squares, a staple gun and writes the size, waist and inseam on each pair.

But the weatherman has changed his mind, and it won’t be 72 deg. this weekend, so I have postponed the main sale listed on the Yard Sale site. Just advertised a preview sale on Friday morning only.  Around here Friday mornings are the busiest for yard sales.  It will be in the 40’s and drizzling, but I can dress for that. 

 I-ask-for-weiners (Small)It is getting it all unboxed and set up that takes the time, so once that is done I can have it another weekend.  I’ll just move the expensive items off the tables and cover them up.  The clothes are just about all hung up now, and they can stay in the RVport covered up.

I have been busy with Mindi’s dogs.  Taking them in and out to do their thing, putting a coat on Sheba so she won’t shiver.  Feeding them twice a day.  Eight little dishes for each meal, with my 3 cats, too!

Once-out-we-don't-know-each-other (Small) I groomed Yorkie Puddin’s feet and bangs with scissors, as she had never been groomed before.  I wanted her to get used to being on the grooming table and being worked on.  She was very good.  It is 40 years since I groomed a Yorkie, so I looked online to see what had changed.  They do mostly Westie faces on them now.  The Schnauzer face is still shown though.

Some sale items needed washing, so I have been doing loads of clothes, too.

If you want to see a stupid, funny video:

Until now, I haven’t stopped or sat down today.

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Gypsy said...

You should sit down and take a rest or you won't be able to keep up that grueling pace! Good luck with the yard sale.