Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Winter Sun-Dried Tomatoes. Horses. Uncomfortable Bra? Cargo Trailer Wiring.

To some, oven-dried taste better than the regular sun-dried tomatoes.



For the ladies, about bras:

You were measured by a qualified attendant at the bra shop.  You bought several bras that fitted and that felt comfortable. 
But after a while, one bra was comfy, but even the ones that were exactly the same, felt uncomfortable, and by four o'clock you wanted to tear them off.
Mark bra where comfy Well, that was my predicament, maybe it hasn't happened to you. 
I found it was all in the strap adjustment, so on the comfy one, I marked the straps.   Once I had them all set at that adjustment, I ran a tack of sewing across them, to make them stay where they should.  I hope this helps any ladies with that dilemma.


Jay and I worked on the cargo trailer's 110v. wiring some more.  One of the new GFI outlets that I had just bought, turned out to be defective. 
One of the side screws just wouldn't "bottom out", and tighten up on the wire.  Fortunately, I had another one, and it worked fine. 

Originally the forecast was for 25 deg., so we made some more preparations for a below freezing night.  The big light bulbs were turned on in the shed that houses the caulk and paint to keep the chill off them.  The water hoses were all strung out and drained.  The water to the house's outside faucets and the sink on the screen porch, was turn off at a master shut-off in the garage.  Another outside faucet that is in the RVport was wrapped. 
Then they changed their minds, and it isn't going to be that cold.

It was sunny, so the cats could be on the porch this afternoon for a while, then the temperatures started dropping today.

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Karen and Al said...

I really enjoy your blog. You always have such interesting information. I'm going to try the oven dried tomatoes and the wild horse video was so sweet. I'd sure love to camp there!