Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Car & RV Mirror Safety. Maxine's Election Thoughts. Shopping



"It works. Takes a while to get used to because you are conditioned to seeing them the other way.

"I’ve been using this technique with my mirrors for years. If the mirrors are adjusted correctly, I can see the cars around me at all times, either in the mirrors or directly in my line of sight. It took a little while to get used to because I had to learn to trust what I saw in my mirrors."

"For you stubborn non-believers, this is not an opinion. This IS the correct method of adjusting your side mirrors (blind-side mirrors). Not only is it not an opinion, but the way the laws were developed and written, which now REQUIRE such mirrors on both sides of all vehicles sold in the USA, was to have these mirrors set up in the manner exactly as described, to eliminate potential collisions due to blind-spots.

Furthermore, every State's drivers ed manual describes the side mirrors to be set up in this same manner. If you get used to this set up, you WILL NOT HAVE A BLIND SPOT! Your biggest problem may be breaking the old bad habit. Additionally, if you really feel the urge to peer down the side of your vehicle, all you need to do is move your head closer to the window."

Another hint.  Back in!

"Yes, back in. Then when you are ready to leave, you drive out, not having to worry about some one driving behind you and hitting a car, trying to leave the store."



Well, today is election day!


maxine-and-trillions (Small)











MaxineBS (Small)

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We will see how it all turned out in a few hours.



It rained quite heavily last night, so that cooled everything down.  The grass and trees are thankful for the watering. Yesterday evening Paco wouldn't go out because of the thunder, and Misty didn't want to get wet.

Jay and I went into Conroe to shop.  No thrift shopping this time.  We were worn out from going from store to store searching other items.

Just Lowes, Walmart, two Krogers, Hobby Lobby, Michael's, 99c Store, Dollar General, Health Food Store, Paper Recycling, etc.  But we had to walk from one end to the other, and back again in each store. 


I must have got in my 10,000 steps today.

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