Monday, November 22, 2010

Hummingbirds & Otters. Cargo Trailer.

I hope you enjoy hummingbirds, as much as I do, and that you haven't already seen these three videos:

And the otters, they were always our favorite critters to watch at the Zoo.


Last couple of days:

The weather has veered from tank tops to long sleeves, and back to tank tops, again.  That is what I like about Texas winters.  Usually, we have several nice, warm, sunny days in between a few cold days.   Right now I am running the AC, but there is another cold front coming in, just in time for the holiday!

We have been doing more to the cargo/stealth trailer.


Jay and I cut and fitted some Styrofoam board insulation into the door.  It hadn't been insulated before.  Then we added wood to the inside of the door.


Ray primed it.  We didn't want to do any work inside the trailer as we had the wheels off, so it was on jack stands.  This was so that Ray could paint around the wheel well rim, before we screwed down the new wheel wells. 
Also, it will be easier to apply some weather membrane around there, once the wheel wells are in place, with the wheels off.

So, Jay and I packed the wheels.  Well, I was 'gofer' for this and that, and as I have done it before, I knew what we would need.



We had gasoline and grease over all the tools, and the gloves were a nuisance, so we got rid of them!

From underneath: wheel well weatherproofed.

While the wheels were off, we screwed down the wheel wells on the inside, and weatherproofed underneath the wheel wells with weather membrane.

I crawled under the trailer and laid on my back, to take this picture.  But I had been under there several times before, on each side, to make sure the wheel wells were in the right place before Jay screwed them down.  Also to measure how wide and long the strips of weather membrane needed to be.  Good thing I am still limber.  Of course, I have to grab onto something to get back up!

These were the messiest jobs we have done for many a day!

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