Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Visit. Raptor. Cargo Trailer.

“Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action.”   -W.J. Cameron

Yesterday, Leo drove Jay and me 50+ miles to Claudia's daughter Susan's new house.  (Jay is Claudia's son, and Leo is their neighbor and old friend of Claudia's.)

Susan sold her big city house in San Antonio, so that she and her new husband Kevin, could build this smaller one in the country near here, in adjacent Waller County.
Nearly everything is made of stone.


This is Kevin's workshop, by the pool and hot-tub.

Which is overlooked by this lovely covered patio, with fireplace, built-in BBQ, big TV, and it is a lovely outdoor area off the kitchen.  Most folks sat out there in the 80 deg. weather.

Jay                          Outside patio                Susan's- Kevin


Jay top left.
Claudia's other Son-I-L right.
Claudia and Wes, her nephew.     YES, that Wes! From Bachelorette.

They also have a Rapture toyhauler travel trailer:

Bedroom in nose of Rapture

The master bedroom is cattywompus in the nose of the trailer.


The kitchen leads to the garage for their Harley, and converts to an extra bedroom.

Our Thanksgiving:    Wesley said the prayer.
Smiling-dog There were a lot of people there, and way too much food.

Even though one of the deep fried turkeys was stolen by one of the dogs.

There was also roasted turkey, a spiral-cut ham, several dressings, corn, beans, green bean casserole, broccoli casserole, watery mashed potatoes (who ever made them, needs lessons!), sweet potato casserole topped with walnuts, rolls, and other items and pies too numerous to mention.  And a whole lot of left-overs.

Maybe someone will think to make a turkey based Shepherd's Pie.  The oven should dry out those mashed spuds!


It was a lot of work, but a good time was had by all.

Then the temperature started dropping like a rock, and it was drizzling, on the way home.

Last couple of days:
Jay and I did some more work on the cargo/stealth trailer a couple of days ago.

Taking-it-apartWe attacked the 110v. wiring this time.  The breaker box didn't have any connectors, or bushings, where the wires go through into the box to protect them.  So we took out all the wires and breakers, and added connectors and bushings.

While we were at it, we tidied the whole thing up, and made a schematic and diagram of which breakers go to which circuits.  We added two more outlets on a dedicated circuit, to the future kitchen.  All this has to be done before we can put back the insulation, and start on the walls.

Paco & Maddie
As Jay's mother, Claudia, (who had the new liver), was at her daughter's house, we brought Maddie, the tiny Yorkie here to be 'work dog'.

She and Paco were watching work, that is all they are good for!

Maddie, Paco, Misty

The side lot, where we work, is not fenced, so Misty joined them in the puppy pen.

The sky was a yellowy colour when I drove down to get Jay, and I thought we were in for some bad weather, but that blew over, and it was just sticky and warm that day.

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