Monday, November 8, 2010

So You Think You Got It Bad? Cargo Trailer.

Incredible message for everyone!!




Curb-side-w-awning Ray and Jay were both here, so we tackled a job that would take all three of us.
We took the roof AC off the cargo trailer.

Jay removed the inside part, and then got on the roof and took the shroud off and undid the four bolts that hold it on.

Ready-to-rebuildRay got up there with two ropes, and I got on the ladder to tape a moving pad on the side to protect the new paint. 

I tried to steer the AC while Ray and Jay lowered it down to the ground with the ropes.

Jay thinks that he may have found out why it didn't cool, as there was a wire that was not connected, but who knows.

It is going to be a 'stealth RV', and it will have a hidden AC when we are done with it.

AC-removed-1Jay removed all the 12v. lights inside, and tore out the old ceiling.  Then Ray was on the roof while Jay and I were inside to line it up so we could install a new roof vent, where the AC was.

So now it looks like this.

I have bought insulation, and we want to get all the wiring up in the rafters before installing the new ceiling.

I thank the Lord that I was born with all my fingers and toes, that I am in good health, and I thank Him for each and every day.

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Gypsy said...

You are really doing a job there. I can't wait to see what it looks like when finished.