Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thank Our Troops. Tomorrow is Black Friday.Wild Turkey.

As the holidays begin with the traditional Thanksgiving meal, let us give thanks for one and other and to those who serve our country where ever they may be servicing.

Thank you one and all for your service to our country.

I'm packing plastic


Bird of the Week   Wild Turkey
Wild Turkey. By: Michael Stubblefield

"Unlike its domesticated cousin, the Wild Turkey is a long-lived, shy bird that is also an agile flyer. Birds can sometimes be seen foraging in groups, often separated into males and females during winter. Populations have recovered from historic lows of perhaps 30,000 birds around the early 1900s to around 7 million today thanks to conservation efforts led by the hunting community and state agencies. The turkey was favored by Benjamin Franklin to be the U.S. national bird but lost out to the Bald Eagle.
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Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at ABC!!"


Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving Day.

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