Saturday, November 13, 2010

Less Social Security? New Dog Flu. Noisy Shirts.

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Dear Friend,
Did you know that Washington is considering unfairly targeting Social Security benefits for cuts?
Social Security didn't cause the budget deficit, so our retirement shouldn't be put at risk to fix it!
I just signed AARP's petition to protect Social Security and keep it strong for generations to come. Please click on the link below to join me – it will only take a minute.
Thanks for standing with me to keep Social Security strong.

Be careful in the Dog Parks, there is a new dog disease:
Black puppy looking up
Canine Flu
"Our experts at the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center answer the most commonly asked questions about canine influenza virus.

What is the Canine Flu?
Canine influenza is a contagious viral infection of dogs, caused by Influenza Virus A subtype H3N8.

Did this virus come from the Bird Flu? No—the canine influenza virus is not a mutation of avian influenza, commonly known as Bird Flu. The avian flu virus of worldwide concern is a different subtype (H5N1). While both are in the same broad, general family of viruses (Orthomyxoviridae) that cause the flu in people, pigs and birds, they are not the same strain.

Canine influenza is actually more closely related to the horse or equine influenza virus, and likely mutated from this strain.
The risk of infection in a canine who does not attend dog shows or frequent kennels is fairly low. However, because this is a recently emerged disease, there is no natural or vaccine-induced immunity—so all dogs are susceptible.

Can people get Canine Flu? There is no evidence to date demonstrating that the canine influenza virus can be spread from dogs to humans. It is typically uncommon for a virus to “travel” from one species of animal to another, and then become infectious among individuals of the second species with normally functioning immune systems.

What can people do to help prevent spreading Canine Flu from one dog to another? Any dog infected with Canine Flu or as any other respiratory disease should be kept away from other dogs until the illness completely resolves.

Solutions as simple as soap and water are effective disinfectants for eliminating the virus from surfaces. To help reduce the risk of spreading the virus, gloves should be worn when handling infected dogs or cleaning contaminated cages."

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Noisy Shirts:  What will they think of next?

"Looking for a new wearable instrument now that you've finally worn out your bongo drum t-shirt? Then you might want to consider ThinkGeeks' new synthesizer shirt, which packs five different sampled instruments, full polyphonic sound, and a handsome "wearable" amp. Head on past the break to get an idea of what the shirt's capable of, and look for it to start shipping on November 29th for $29.99 to $32.98 depending on the size." From:

Today, Jay and I made an unexpected trip to the next town.

I had to get a letter mailed at our local Post Office, as it needed a Return Receipt.  Jay needed some things in our town, too. Then we also decided to go on to the next town, as I had to return the new cheaper kind of spray Rustoleum primer to Home Depot that takes three coats against the normal one coat. I found the good kind of Rustoleum primer at Lowes.

While we were at Home Depot they had some damaged 3/4" foam board insulation, 4' x 8' sheets, at half price.  I only need 6' so that worked out well. They also had a gallon can of brush-of Kilz Primer that had been miss-mixed, for $5.00.  It was a pale almond color, but that will be OK.

We stopped at one thrift shop, and Jay got a nice lined corduroy jacket.

I had the heat on at first this morning, no AC today.

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