Thursday, October 21, 2010

Why Dogs Eat Grass? Packing Today!

Dogs Consume Grass to Purge Their System
"Most of you are well aware that dogs will, on occasion, eat large amounts of grass in an attempt to make themselves throw up. In fact, if your dog consumes a large amount of grass, it could be because she has:
  • Gastrointestinal upset
  • Nausea
  • Gas or bloating
  • Eaten something she shouldn’t have
  • A virus or bacteria
When they exhibit this behavior, it tends to be almost frantic. They’ll whimper and cry to be let out, then they’ll run outside and start eating any grass they can find; they’re not selective.
After they consume a large amount of grass, they’ll often times lick their lips because they’re nauseous, and then of course, they’ll vomit.
It’s completely normal for your dog to vomit occasionally (like people do when they are ill), meaning one or two times a year. Most often it’s nothing to worry about and, surprising as this may sound, your dog knows what’s best in terms of intentionally voiding their system of something that could be toxic, or making them unwell."
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My two dogs will get plenty of opportunity to eat grass, as we are going to my daughter's place at Lake Somerville, TX, tomorrow afternoon, for a couple of nights.

Packing has been very difficult for someone who normally takes an RV, not a minivan, for overnight stays.  There are no closets or drawers in my van!   So I have had to pack clothes in a bag.

I have to pack for the dogs, too.  Carriers, X-pen, Bobcat's stroller, dishes, dry food, canned food, filtered water from here, blankies, toys, treats, etc.

Also taking Misty's seat belt harness, as she will love to ride on Wendy's gas golf cart.  I don't know about Paco, he doesn't like anything new!!  I'll put him in a carrier on the golf cart.  Bobcat's stroller is also a carrier, or back pack, when you slip it off the wheels.  I have used it myself for a back pack on trips.  I am packing their stuff in there, except the X-pen, and they will travel in carriers.


This trip might be good for him.  I can't leave him here, as he won't go outside for anyone but me.

Then there are written instructions for Ray what, and when, to feed the three cats staying at home. 
My Son-In-Law is allergic to cats, that is why I usually have taken the RV, and stayed in it.  But I don't have time to get it inspected, put 6 new tires on it, and buy tags.  I'd rather be in it though, I don't do well in other people's homes.

I made sure that my new camera and my old laptop like each other, and that Live Writer is working on the laptop.  There is no internet up there.

A busy warm day.


Sandra said...

I know how you feel. I hate staying in other people's houses too, don't like hotels much either. I miss the RV for that reason!

Have a good time on your mini holiday!

An English Shepherd said...

Actually we seem to enjoy some vegetables added toour meals ;-)


Gypsy said...

Have a safe trip and enjoy the visit. Packing for pets sounds almost like packing for children!

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Thank you for your comments, Sandra, Gypsy and Wizz.

Sandra, it is very different staying in someone else's home. You never know what you will need. I keep my RV packed down with everything.

Yes, Gypsy, the dog's stuff takes up more room than mine.

Hi Wizz. My dogs love French Cut Green beans, and if I put some in their dinner they don't want to eat grass.
But they like all people food, if they can get it. I make a point of not looking at 'my audience' when I am eating. I don't want to start them begging at the table.
Like kids, they have to learn good manners.

Happy Trails, and Tails, Penny, TX

Leno said...

Have a nice visit Penny...and yes it does sound like alot of work. Be safe!

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Thank you, Leno.

Oh My! I am not done yet!
I still have to wash my hair, wash the dogs, pack the car and shut down the house tomorrow.
Happy Trails, Penny, TX

pidge said...

Have a great time with your daughter. I know it is a lot of hassle, but being with the kids makes it all worth it. Stay safe.