Thursday, October 14, 2010

Unusual Uses for Vodka. P & N Fly Back to England!

"From cleaning jewelry to fighting stubborn stains, vodka has many handy uses -- other than pepping up your Bloody Mary! We've rounded up some unusual ways to put your bottom-shelf vodka to good use all around your house.

vodka, household uses for vodkaVodka: not just for martinis anymore.
Whether on the rocks, straight up or mixed in with your favorite cocktail, vodka has a reputation for being the life of the party. But make no mistake, this versatile spirit is more than just a one-trick pony. Thanks to its basic mixture of pure alcohol and water, vodka can be used as a strong household cleaner, pesticide and so much more. Bonus: it's a non-toxic alternative to many traditional products and chemicals.

Use Vodka for Stain Removal

Vodka can banish three of the most stubborn fabric stains known to man: ink, grass and lipstick. For ink and grass stains, dip a clean cloth in vodka and rub spot. Rinse thoroughly. Lipstick on your collar? Blot stain with vodka, then launder in your regular wash.

Use Vodka to Clean Mold and Mildew
Instead of using toxic chemicals, fill a spray bottle with vodka to kill mold and mildew and knock out soap scum. On caulk and grout, spritz moldy areas and let sit for 30 minutes. Scrub area with an old toothbrush, tile/grout brush or nylon scouring-pad. Rinse thoroughly. For bathroom tiles, spray vodka and let sit for 5-10 minutes; then wash clean.

Use Vodka to Preserve Fresh Flowers

Plants all produce ethylene, a ripening gas that promotes maturation. Vodka stunts ethylene production, thereby helping flowers stay wilt-free longer. To keep store-bought flowers fresh, snip an inch off of each stem, add two teaspoons of vodka and one teaspoon sugar. Stir well and repeat this process every few days.

Use Vodka to Clean Chrome, Glass and Jewelry
Vodka is effective at making dull bathroom fixtures, chandeliers, eyeglasses, windowpanes and even precious gemstones (only stones that are a crystal, such as diamonds) sparkle like new.
- For chandeliers: Moisten a clean microfiber cloth with vodka and rub over dusty surfaces. Alternatively, you can spritz the chandelier with a solution of one cup water and one teaspoon of vodka in a spray bottle. Lay a drop cloth on the floor to catch drips.

- For chrome:
Soak a soft, clean cloth with vodka and shine.

For eyeglasses: Dip a clean, lint-free cloth in vodka and rub each lens (back and front) until clear.

For jewelry: Measure out one-fourth cup vodka in a shallow drinking glass or bowl. Drop in jewelry and let soak for 5-10 minutes. Rinse and dry. Tip: Do NOT clean pearls, opals and other porous stones via this method.

- For windowpanes:
Mix one cup water and one teaspoon vodka in a spray bottle. Spritz on windows and wipe clean with paper towels or a clean microfiber cloth.

Use Vodka as an All-Natural Pesticide

Also known as plant lice, aphids are tiny soft-bodied insects that suck the nutrient-rich sap from the stems of plants. To keep aphids off of plants add four cups water, four teaspoons of dishwashing liquid and four teaspoons vodka in a large spray bottle. Shake well and spritz areas where you spot infestations.
Use Vodka to Eliminate Odors
Vodka eradicates foul stenches -- and doesn't leave a scent when it dries. For an odorless air freshener, mix one part vodka with three parts water in a small spray bottle. Spritz area and let dry."
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Today is a sad day for me.
My beloved brother Nigel, and Pamala, his wonderful bride of 40 years, are flying back to England today.   They, and my daughter, took the truck and camper to Galveston docks yesterday afternoon to be shipped to England.


Then the three of them walked on Seawall Blvd. to see the sea.  It was a shame that they didn't have time to see the Strand, Moody Gardens, Bishop's Palace,  or any of the other sights in Galveston.
They rented a Jeep and spent their last night in the US at my daughter's house, but like most RVers, were lost without their home!

Galveston - Galveston along Seawall Blvd.They drove up here to see me this morning.  I had bought some seafood salad for Nigel, and Pamala's favorite, pumpernickel bread, so we had a little early lunch before they had to drive to the airport.

Ray made a special dash from Conroe to say good bye to them.   Ray just thought they were super folks, and I thought that was so great of him to want to see them one more time.


SAM_0096-1 Nigel is so intrigued by Ray's drawl!

We took pictures, and I was holding back the tears, as I shall probably never see them again.

Yes, life has to go on, but it is a sad day for me today.


Sandra said...

I'm so glad that your brother and his wife got to come and see you even if it was for a short time. It will be a lovely memory!

pidge said...

I hope you are wrong and they will be able to come back or you will be able to go see them. Keep a good thought, it could happen. Stay safe.