Friday, October 22, 2010

Unusual Uses for Beer. All Packed.

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"Who knew that a little brew could perform these convenient summertime tasks? Partially full beer bottles are always a part of my barbecue clean-up routine. To avoid being wasteful, I dump them in the garden. Now, that might sound like an odd place to dump beer -- and you may be wondering what's so resourceful about pouring it in the dirt anyway. But the garden is actually the perfect spot for leftover beer. A good, old-fashioned brew has some other cool uses too.
Enrich Soil
Yeast is beneficial to plants, so pour a few tablespoons of flat beer into your garden to cultivate the soil. The yeast-filled soil will help plants grow healthier and make your garden flourish.
Trap Bees
If bees are a problem in your yard, you can battle them with beer. Punch a series of 3/8-inch holes in the top of an old jar. Fill the jar with beer, screw the top in place and put it in the yard where you've seen bees. They'll be attracted to the beer and will be able to get into the jar -- but not out!
Banish Slugs
If slugs have infiltrated your garden and are munching away at your greenery, bury an empty tuna fish can next to your plants so that just the lip is sticking out. Fill the can with beer and check it in the morning; you should have caught some of those slimy suckers! All you have to do is empty the can each day. This little trick also works with earwigs.
Polish Wood Furniture
Got some leftover beer that's gone flat? Pour a little on a microfiber rag and rub it into your wood furniture to add a little shine and deepen the color.
Tenderize a T-Bone
Firing up the grill? If you find yourself with a tough cut of meat for a barbecue, marinate it for an hour or so in some beer. The beer will infuse the meat with flavor and tenderize it while it sits, so it will cook up nice and juicy.
Tip: If you spill a little beer on yourself, sponge it with equal parts of white vinegar and dish soap, and then flush it out with cool water."

Video of three recipes which include beer, one of them is a cake!


SAM_0118-1 The van is all packed and ready to roll.  Wendy will call me when she is leaving her house, as it is about the same distance to the Lake Somerville house from her house, or mine. 
The red ice chest has food and wine in it, and the 12v. cooler, behind the driver's seat, has milk, butter, cheese, pet food, etc.  I am used to having my RV fridge with me!!
The dogs know something is going on.  Paco has already been laying in one of the carriers, and Misty hovers every time I go out the front door. 
The smaller carriers are on the second seat, and I will carry the dogs out there, and strap the carriers in with the seat belts. 
The big carrier is too big to be strapped in, but I am taking it as if we have to leave them at Wendy's house, they are happier if they are together.  Behind it, is the dog's orange stroller, it has all their stuff in it.  Gee, just as much stuff to haul around as if I had two year old people twins!!

Wendy is towing a trailer with four mattresses on it, so I hope it doesn't rain today.


Gypsy said...

You posted some good uses for beer, but I NEVER have sny thst goes flat! With the difference of having just one dog (who is probably the size of your small ones together), My truck is going to be packed to the gills when I go to AZ in a few weeks. I still haven't figured out what I will do when I have to stay in a motel room - just take it all in with me I guess. Have a good trip.

pidge said...

Looks like your all ready to go. I used beer in my garden all the time. It really does work on slugs. Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

My goodness that is a lot of stuff to take. You are such a wonderful person for caring for all of your animals. Have a great Trip Penny

Take Care
Brenda Brown