Monday, October 25, 2010

Deer Hunting. Lake Somerville, TX

I said I would post some pictures of my trip to Wendy and Richard's (my daughter and son-in-law) cabin at Lake Somerville.  Thank goodness we had no rain, as Wendy was hauling four mattresses on a trailer.    The cabin is a work in progress right now, so I knew we would be in a 'construction zone', and roughing it.

We were really roughing it, as there is no internet, and only two channels on the TV!  But I took my camera cord and laptop, so that I could see any photos that I took, on it. 


It is really two single-wide mobile homes joined together under a really super metal roof over.  They call it a 'twice-wide'!


I was pretty beat after all the packing and the long drive.
On the way, Misty had sounded like she was choking on something, so I had to stop in Navasota, TX to move Paco's pet carrier to the front seat, and move Misty's carrier over to behind the passenger seat, so I could keep an eye on them both. I think she was just protesting being in a small carrier!

Wendy met me at the front of her subdivision on the golf cart, as I was getting lost.  The one time she didn't have a leash on her dog, Snuggles, and he fell off the golf cart.  He was alright, but wimpers if you touch his tail.

Once we had let our dog's out to do their thing and inspect everything, Wendy and I unloaded two of the mattresses.  The third mattress was a very heavy queen pillow-top, and it had no handles, so I just couldn't grip it.

As Richard and Tony (my grandson) wouldn't be there until the next day, Wendy went off on the golf cart and rounded up a neighbor to help with it and it's box spring.  As all the painting was done, and the tile had been laid in her bedroom, we were able to set that bed up permanently on it's frame.   The living room's floor had not been done, so it was camping on mattresses on the floor in there.


Wendy took me part way to the back of the property, up and down hills, and over what they call  "The Bridge Over The River Why"!

I took the dogs out on leashes at first, as there was a place where they could get out of the fence if unsupervised.  Later, I knew they would not try to get out, and so just walked with them.


I had my X-pen set up on the deck for when we were busy.   At dusk we sat out on the deck, as deer often come to the fence, to eat the deer corn that Wendy puts out.  She filled the deer's blue water bowl.  Two small deer came, one still spotted, but they did not come to the fence.  At least we saw lots of birds there.

Wendy's dog 'Snuggles', is a deaf senior dog, so he is crated inside, when they are busy.  If he got lost, he can't hear you calling him.
I had a big carrier with me for my dogs, when they were in the house.


Wendy took me, with Misty, around their subdivision on the gas golf cart, but it has a lift kit and needed some work on the suspension, and it was just too rough riding, for me, so we didn't go far.


Wendy and I drove to Brenham, 25 miles away.  On the way we saw a car had hit a bridge railing and gone down the embankment.  By the time we had turned around to see if they needed assistance, they were all safely out of the car, other cars had stopped, and we saw the fire truck arriving.

We had to get some bolts for a bunk bed, and ground spikes for the mobile home skirting that I had taken with me. 
Finding the right size bolts to go in these special nuts took a long time and trips to three stores, as these were metric.
Even the spikes were difficult to find at a reasonable price.

On the way back, we stopped at a Garage Sale.  Wendy is looking for a couch for the cabin. 
They had a larger pet carrier than my large one for $3, so I bought it.  My dogs had more 'real estate' to sleep in that night, after I had washed and disinfected it.

We had had enough of walking around big stores, so we stopped the little grocery store in Somerville, and bought some salad items to go with brats.  We peeled and chopped the salad veggies, got it all ready, and then Richard called and said that they were on the way, and had stopped to eat pizza!  So Wendy ate some left over clam spaghetti, and I ate some left over Shepherd's Pie, which we had brought with us. 

It sure was good to see Richard, and my 15 year old geek grandson, Tony, again.


Wendy took me for a ride, in the Xterra this time, and we went 'deer hunting'.

She had been out on the golf cart and seen some in the subdivision.  We drove around all the places where they are usually seen,  but by the time she picked me up, they had all gone away.

So she took me on to Somerville State Park, Birch Creek, which is really close to their place.  It is where they go to put in their boat.


There is even a camping area especially for equestrians, and this is one of the many horse pens in that area.

We all had a good time visiting, and I showed Richard how the skirting all goes together, even though I had printed out the 'destructions'! 

They loaded up the golf cart on the utility trailer, and a little Rubbermaid shed on the back of Richard's truck.  They are taking them back to their house in West Columbia, south of Houston.  They were all so busy, that I loaded my van myself.

It took me a while to get all our stuff down the steps and into the van.  I swore I wouldn't go anywhere without my RV again!
I took summer, winter, good and lounging clothes in a suitcase.  Let's face it, "If You Don't like The Weather, Wait 15 minutes" applies to this time of year in TX.   Normally they could have just hung in a closet in the RV.   
I had to pack little things that I might need, things that would normally be in the RV's bathroom cabinet. 
I had taken an ice chest of food and drinks, and more in the 12v. cooler, which would have been in the RV fridge. 
I had to pack my favorite brands of regular coffee, tea, decaf coffee, and NON High Fructose Corn Syrup Creamer, etc., which would have been in the RV cabinets.
All the dog's food, leashes, treats, dishes, blankies, etc., were packed in the doggie stroller, not in a cupboard in the RV.
I had to sleep on a strange mattress on the floor, in a strange place, not in my comfy RV's bed. 
Then I had to unpack it all when I got home.
So I hope I never have to go anywhere without my RV again.
Golly, that is as bad as packing stuff in and out of a motel.

SAM_0157-1 Jay and I got my two pipe clamps and made them work together as one long clamp across the outside back of the cargo trailer.  We held it up with SAM_0160-1 a block.  We wanted to hold it all square while we installed the floor.

We added the 'deadwood' to the floor on the cargo trailer, and got one section of it screwed down today.


Sandra said...

It sounds like you had a nice time with your daughter.

I agree with you. I hate having to pack stuff to go somewhere. We just did that going to my sister's cottage. We even have to pack food we can eat. I sure miss the RV for that. Also the head of the bed at other people's places isn't raised so my relux bothers me. Getting old!

Gypsy said...

I had never heard of a twice-wide before. Do the sections open to one another?

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Thank you for your comments, Sandra and Gypsy.

Yes, Sandra. My RV is small, but it has everything I need, and it is like 'home'.

Gypsy, it is Wendy and Richard that are calling it a 'twice-wide'.
Yes, there is a big 6' wide archway cut into each of them. So there is a living room on one side, and a kitchen/den through the archway. I like the kitchen/den the best as it has a patio door going out onto the big deck overlooking where the deer come to feed.
Happy Trails, Penny, TX

JB said...

Looks like a pretty uptown set of horse pens there.

pidge said...

Nice pictures. Glad you had a good time with the kids. I'm with you on taking the RV. Stay safe.

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

I know what you mean about packing to stay somewhere instead of taking an RV. We did that last November, even for an overnight. Clothes, medicines, shampoo, conditioner, shaving stuff, makeup, etc. All those things we keep in the rig all the time.

Plus the hotel had dirty carpets with broken glass behind the bed, a shower that would not work on hot, and an over chlorinated hot tub, to kill off God knows what????

Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard