Monday, October 18, 2010

'Sew' Much Comfort for Injured Troops. Calling Fiberholics!

Support our Injured Troops.

"Each week, many wounded military members arrive in the States from Germany for extensive medical treatment for bullet wounds, burns, head and limb injuries and amputations.
We also support many previously injured and their needs as they change during the recovery process.
These injuries require large fixator, prosthetics and casts that are too bulky to fit under ordinary clothing or underwear. Without adaptive clothing the only option for them is a hospital gown.  Sew Much Comfort is the only organization providing adaptive clothing at no cost to our wounded service members.

Serving Those Who Serve Us:

Sew Much Comfort provides adaptive clothing at no cost to support the unique needs of our injured service members from all branches of the military and national guard. 
The need for our adaptive clothing continues to grow as American military members continue to be injured serving in our current conflicts. "

"In our post 9/11 world, American military personnel are serving their country in a variety of dangerous situations and locations.  As a result of discharging their duties, a number of them are seriously wounded.

Medics can get to a 'hot zone' in record time, sometimes in less than 2 minutes, and we have the best trained trauma doctors in the world in the military medical community.  They are performing miracles never dreamed of before in the treatment of our beloved wounded!

However, medicine doesn't address some of their basic needs, such as clothing that will accommodate medical devises and situations, like braces, casts, prosthetics, neurological issues and burns.  Have you ever seen an external fixator attached to the injured leg of an American Service member?

A fixator is an orthopedic appliance or brace built with a series of rods and pins and is used to stabilize or lengthen damaged limbs.  The appliances are saving the arms and legs of many of our men and women who have suffered combat injuries in Iraq and Afghanistan.

However, the hardware is also posing a quality of life issue for the patients  off-the-rack clothing does not fit over the metal devices."

If any fiberholics reading this, would like to make garments…..

"If you think this meets with your sewing skills and you want to commit to being a volunteer seamstress for Sew Much Comfort, sign up here:"

Reading all the tributes to Margie and Bruce by their stunned followers, was uplifting for me.

They were such special people.

"Ours is not to reason why".


Mikey, the white poodle who lives down the street, is a big stocky strong dog, and he WON'T stand still.   He wears me out.   I was grooming him, on and off for most of the day.

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