Saturday, October 2, 2010

Swiss Army RV? PPL & Camping World.

"The world’s smallest removable motorhome setup fitting most cars !

Swiss creativity: over 100 years ago, the invention of the "Swiss Army Knife" was transforming a basic knife into a multi-functional tool.

Today the "swissRoomBox" will transform your car into a multi-functional home on board.

Thanks to an ingenious modular system fitting most car trunks, you can cook, eat, shower and sleep during your outdoor adventures!"

See the slideshow of this ingenious camping equipment at:


Today, I saw so many RV's! 

455 RVs were on consignment at PPL, in Houston, and then a whole mess of them were for sale at the dealer at Camping World in Katy, TX.  I had never been to a Camping World before, but it reminded me of our local Camperland in Conroe.


Pamala, Nigel and I went in their truck (with camper) to both places to buy different items that they wanted for the truck camper.  Some items had to be ordered so we will be going back next week.

They have horizontal propane tanks in their Lance truck camper, but they cannot be filled at the British gas stations, the way they are now.  Some different law there, so Nigel has ordered two new ones, and a scissor-type folding step for the back of the truck camper.  He bought a Fantastic Fan with remote for their fifth wheel in England as it is so high up that you have to use a special tool to adjust it. 


On the way home we ate an early dinner at China Buffet in Conroe, as we hadn't even thought about lunch while we were busy looking at all the stuff in the RV stores.

When we returned here, we all sat outside drinking tea as Pamala wanted to try out a folding chair she bought at PPL.   Nigel was like a kid with a new toy, unpacking that Fantastic Fan box.   I had to go in and feed my critters.


When we were all inside, they loaded a bunch of their pictures that they had stored on a UBS stick onto my computer, but it is too late for tired old me, to post any today.


pidge said...

Looking forward to seeing all the pictures. We love camping world and they offer a reduction on prices if you join their club. stay safe.

Vera said...

That is one heck of a camping package!! I would hate to have to deal with it though. It must take a while to be able to assemble it.
I love looking at camping equipment too and would feel like a kid in a candy store in those stores.